Hexmap Aberafan Maesteg
Captain Beany (Independent)
Colin John Deere (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Justin Mark Griffiths (Liberal Democrats)
Mark Griffiths (Reform UK)
Nigel Hill (Green Party)
Stephen Kinnock (Labour Party)
Abigail Mainon (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rhiannon Morrissey (Heritage Party)
Aberdeen North
Charlie Abel (Alba Party)
Kirsty Blackman (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Desmond Bouse (Liberal Democrats)
Lucas Grant (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Esme Houston (Scottish Green Party)
Kenneth Leggat (Reform UK)
Dawn Smith (Scottish Family Party)
Gillian Tebberen (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lynn Thomson (Labour Party)
Aberdeen South
Graeme Craib (Scottish Family Party)
Stephen Flynn (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Jeff Goodhall (Liberal Democrats)
Guy Ingerson (Scottish Green Party)
M. Tauqeer Malik (Labour Party)
Sophie Molly (Independent)
Michael Pearce (Reform UK)
John Wheeler (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Aberdeenshire North and Moray East
Ian Bailey (Liberal Democrats)
Andy Brown (Labour Party)
Jo Hart (Reform UK)
Seamus Logan (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Douglas Gordon Ross (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Airdrie and Shotts
David Hall (Reform UK)
Alexandra Herdman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Jo Leckie (British Unionist Party - B.U.P.)
Anum Qaisar (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Josh Robertson (Alba Party)
Kenneth Stevenson (Labour Party)
Lewis Younie (Liberal Democrats)
Alex Baker (Labour Party)
Leo Docherty (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Harris (Liberal Democrats)
Steve James-Bailey (Hampshire Independents)
Trevor Lloyd-Jones (Reform UK)
Ed Neville (Green Party)
Luke John Davies (Labour Party)
Graham Eardley (Reform UK)
Ian Garrett (Liberal Democrats)
Wendy Morton (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Clare Nash (Green Party)
Alloa and Grangemouth
Eva Comrie (Independent)
Richard Fairley (Reform UK)
Tom Flanagan (Workers Party of Britain)
Brian Leishman (Labour Party)
Kenny MacAskill (Alba Party)
Adrian May (Liberal Democrats)
John Nicolson (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Rachel Nunn (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nariese Whyte (Scottish Green Party)
Altrincham and Sale West
Jane Brophy (Liberal Democrats)
Oliver Carroll (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Geraldine Coggins (Green Party)
Faisal Kabir (Workers Party of Britain)
Connor Rand (Labour Party)
Paul James Swansborough (Reform UK)
Alyn and Deeside
Edwin Duggan (Independent)
Jeremy Kent (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Karl Macnaughton (Green Party)
Richard Marbrow (Liberal Democrats)
Jack Morris (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Vicki Roskams (Reform UK)
Mark Tami (Labour Party)
Amber Valley
Linsey Farnsworth (Labour Party)
Matt McGuinness (Green Party)
Nigel Mills (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kate Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Alex Stevenson (Reform UK)
Angus and Perthshire Glens
Elizabeth Carr-Ellis (Labour Party)
Dave Doogan (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Stephen Charles Kerr (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Claire Margaret McLaren (Liberal Democrats)
Kenneth Morton (Reform UK)
Dan Peña (Independent)
Arbroath and Broughty Ferry
Richard John Brooks (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Moira Macpherson Brown (Sovereignty)
Cheryl-Ann Cruickshank (Labour Party)
David Evans (Liberal Democrats)
Stephen Patrick Gethins (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Ghazi Khan (Alba Party)
Gwen Wood (Reform UK)
Argyll, Bute and South Lochaber
Amanda Jane Hargreaves Hampsey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Melanie Hurst (Reform UK)
Tommy Macpherson (Independent)
Hamish Maxwell (Labour Party)
Brendan O'Hara (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Alan Reid (Liberal Democrats)
Arundel and South Downs
Richard James Allen (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Griffith (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve McAuliffe (Green Party)
Chris Philipsborn (Labour Party)
Mike Smith (Social Democratic Party)
David Thomas (Reform UK)
Lee Anderson (Reform UK)
Alexander Coates (Green Party)
Daniel Holmes (Liberal Democrats)
Rhea Keehn (Labour Party)
Debbie Soloman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jason Zadrozny (Ashfield Independents)
Damian Howard Green (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tristram John Kennedy Harper (Reform UK)
Sojan Joseph (Labour Party)
James Gordon Ransley (Consensus)
Mandy Rossi (Green Party)
Adam James Rowledge (Liberal Democrats)
Robert Barrowcliffe (Reform UK)
Lizzie Hacking (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dominic FT Hardwick (Liberal Democrats)
Aroma Hassan (Workers Party of Britain)
Lee Alan Huntbach (Green Party)
Angela Rayner (Labour Party)
Julie Elizabeth Atkins (Green Party)
Rob Butler (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jan Gajdos (Workers Party of Britain)
Laura Elizabeth Kyrke-Smith (Labour Party)
Steven Lambert (Liberal Democrats)
Lesley Ann Taylor (Reform UK)
Richard Lewis Wilding (Social Democratic Party)
Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock
Allan Dorans (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Martin Dowey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Kennedy (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Russell (Reform UK)
Elaine Stewart (Labour Party)
Korin Matthew Vallance (Scottish Green Party)
Corri Wilson (Alba Party)
Elizabeth Adams (Liberal Democrats)
Arron John Baker (Green Party)
Cassi Bellingham (Independent)
Chris Nevile (Climate Party)
Victoria Prentis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Declan Soper (Social Democratic Party)
Paul Nicholas Topley (Reform UK)
Sean Woodcock (Labour Party)
Bangor Aberconwy
John Clark (Reform UK)
Petra Haig (Green Party)
Claire Hughes (Labour Party)
Kathrine Jones (Socialist Labour Party)
Steve Marshall (Climate Party)
Robin Millar (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rachael Roberts (Liberal Democrats)
Catrin Elen Wager (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Simon Ronald Anthony (Green Party)
Muhammad Asim (Workers Party of Britain)
Lucy Baiye-Gaman (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Nesil Caliskan (Labour Party)
Dee Dias (Independent)
Charley Hasted (Liberal Democrats)
Clive Peacock (Reform UK)
Julie Redmond (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Barnsley North
Penny Baker (Liberal Democrats)
Tony Devoy (Yorkshire Party)
Neil Fisher (Independent)
Tom Heyes (Green Party)
Dan Jarvis (Labour Party)
Tamas Kovacs (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Robert Lomas (Reform UK)
Janus Polenceusz (English Democrats)
Barnsley South
Simon David Watson Biltcliffe (Yorkshire Party)
Simon Clement-Jones (Liberal Democrats)
Trevor Mayne (Green Party)
Stephanie Peacock (Labour Party)
Suzanne Pearson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Terry Robinson (Socialist Labour Party)
Maxine Spencer (Patriots Alliance - English Democrats and UKIP)
David White (Reform UK)
Barrow and Furness
Simon Fell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lisa Morgan (Party Of Women)
Barry Morgan (Reform UK)
Michelle Scrogham (Labour Party)
Adrian Waite (Liberal Democrats)
Lorraine Wrennall (Green Party)
Basildon and Billericay
Christopher David Bateman (British Democratic Party)
Stephen Conlay (Reform UK)
Stewart Goshawk (Green Party)
Alex Harrison (Labour Party)
Richard John Holden (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dave Murray (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Edward Krishan Sainsbury (Liberal Democrats)
Michael Howard-Sorrell (Green Party)
Maria Miller (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Luke Murphy (Labour Party)
Ray Saint (Reform UK)
Alan Harvey Stone (Hampshire Independents)
Richard Whelan (Liberal Democrats)
Brendan Clarke-Smith (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rachel Sara Reeves (Green Party)
Helen Tamblyn-Saville (Liberal Democrats)
Frank Ward (Reform UK)
Jo White (Labour Party)
Matthew Alford (Workers Party of Britain)
A.N.ON (Independent)
Daniel Bewley (Labour Party)
Colin David Blackburn (Independent)
Bill Blockhead (Independent)
Teresa Hall (Reform UK)
Wera Hobhouse (Liberal Democrats)
Dom Tristram (Green Party)
James Wright (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bathgate and Linlithgow
Martyn Day (Scottish National Party (SNP))
John Hannah (Independence for Scotland Party)
Simon Jay (Scottish Green Party)
Stuart James McArthur (Independent)
Jamie McNamee (Reform UK)
Lynn Munro (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sally Pattle (Liberal Democrats)
Kirsteen Sullivan (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Georgina Burford-Connole (Rejoin EU)
Francis Chubb (Liberal Democrats)
Marsha de Cordova (Labour Party)
Ed Dampier (Social Democratic Party)
Barry Edwards (Reform UK)
Tom Pridham (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dan Smith (Workers Party of Britain)
Joe Taylor (Green Party)
Jake Thomas (Independent)
Pippa Allen (Independent)
Cole Derek Antony Caesar (Independent)
Anna Victoria Crabtree (Liberal Democrats)
John Anthony Sydney Halsall (Reform UK)
Catherine Harker (Social Democratic Party)
Joy Morrissey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Matthew Patterson (Labour Party)
Dominick Pegram (Green Party)
Beckenham and Penge
Edward Apostolides (Reform UK)
Liam Conlon (Labour Party)
Ruth Fabricant (Green Party)
Hannah Gray (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chloe-Jane Ross (Liberal Democrats)
Sadik Chaudhury (Workers Party of Britain)
Pinder Jit Chauhan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ben Foley (Green Party)
Tarek Javed (Independent)
Matt Lansley (Reform UK)
Henry Vann (Liberal Democrats)
Mohammad Yasin (Labour Party)
Belfast East
Séamas de Faoite (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Naomi Long (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Ryan North (Independent)
Gavin Robinson (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
John Ross (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Brian Smyth (Green Party)
Ryan Warren (Ulster Unionist Party)
Belfast North
Phillip Brett (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
David Clarke (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Fiona Ferguson (People Before Profit)
John Finucane (Sinn Féin)
Nuala McAllister (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Mal O'Hara (Green Party)
Carl Whyte (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Belfast South and Mid Down
Dan Boucher (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Áine Groogan (Green Party)
Claire Hanna (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Michael Henderson (Ulster Unionist Party)
Tracy Kelly (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Kate Nicholl (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Belfast West
Gerry Carroll (People Before Profit)
Paul Doherty (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Gerard Herdman (Aontú)
Ash Jones (Green Party)
Tony Mallon (Independent)
Paul Maskey (Sinn Féin)
Ann McClure (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Frank McCoubrey (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Eóin Millar (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Ben Sharkey (Ulster Unionist Party)
Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Rachel Bentley (Liberal Democrats)
Piers Corbyn (Independent)
Neil Coyle (Labour Party)
Barry Colin Duckett (Independent)
Susan Elizabeth Hunter (Green Party)
Jonathan Iliff (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Tony Sharp (Reform UK)
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk
Ray Georgeson (Liberal Democrats)
Hamish Goldie-Scot (Scottish Family Party)
Carolyn Grant (Reform UK)
John Lamont (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Neil MacKinnon (Scottish Green Party)
Ellie Merton (Independent)
Caitlin Stott (Labour Party)
David James Wilson (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Bethnal Green and Stepney
Reggie Adams (Independent)
Md Somon Ahmed (Independent)
Rushanara Ali (Labour Party)
Phoebe Gill (Green Party)
Vanessa Hudson (Animal Welfare Party)
Rabina Khan (Liberal Democrats)
Jonathon Mabbutt (Social Democratic Party)
Ajmal Masroor (Independent)
Oscar Reaney (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Peter Sceats (Reform UK)
Sham Uddin (Independent)
Beverley and Holderness
Chris Collin (Social Democratic Party)
Denis Healy (Liberal Democrats)
George Mcmanus (Yorkshire Party)
John Ottaway (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom)
Margaret Pinder (Labour Party)
Andy Smith (Reform UK)
Jonathan Stephenson (Green Party)
Graham Stuart (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bexhill and Battle
Abul Azad (Independent)
Christine Bayliss (Labour Party)
Ian Gribbin (Reform UK)
Nigel Adam Jacklin (Independent Network)
Becky Jones (Liberal Democrats)
Jonathan Christopher Kent (Green Party)
Julia Long (Party Of Women)
Kieran Mullan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jeff Newnham (Independent)
Colin Martin Sullivan (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Bexleyheath and Crayford
Tom Bright (Reform UK)
Mark Brooks (Conservative and Unionist Party)
George Edgar (Green Party)
Daniel Francis (Labour Party)
David McBride (Liberal Democrats)
Bicester and Woodstock
Tim Funnell (Social Democratic Party)
Rupert Harrison (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ian Middleton (Green Party)
Calum Miller (Liberal Democrats)
Veronica Oakeshott (Labour Party)
Augustine Obodo (Reform UK)
Jo Bird (Green Party)
Catherine Evans (Freedom Alliance)
Stuart Kelly (Liberal Democrats)
Alison McGovern (Labour Party)
Sarah Payne (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tony Stanley (Reform UK)
Birmingham Edgbaston
Preet Kaur Gill (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Colin Green (Liberal Democrats)
Joshua Matthews (Reform UK)
Nicola Catherine Payne (Green Party)
Ashvir Sangha (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ammar Waraich (Independent)
Birmingham Erdington
Shaukat Ali (Independent)
Farzana Ann Aslam (Liberal Democrats)
Jack Brookes (Reform UK)
Paulette Hamilton (Labour Party)
Steve Knee (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Karen Trench (Green Party)
Corinthia Ward (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Birmingham Hall Green and Moseley
Shakeel Afsar (Independent)
Zain Ahmed (Green Party)
Tahir Ali (Labour Party)
Mohammad Hafeez (Independent)
Izzy Knowles (Liberal Democrats)
Stephen Gerard McBrine (Reform UK)
Henry Stephen Whitlock Morris (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Babar Saleem Raja (Independent)
Birmingham Hodge Hill and Solihull North
Liam Byrne (Labour Party)
Caroline Clapper (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Qasim Mohammed Esak (Liberal Democrats)
James Giles (Workers Party of Britain)
Imran Ali Khan (Green Party)
Jamie Pullin (Reform UK)
Birmingham Ladywood
Zoe Challenor (Green Party)
Lee Dargue (Liberal Democrats)
Shabana Mahmood (Labour Party)
Shazna Muzammil (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Akhmed Yakoob (Independent)
Irene Yoong-Henery (Reform UK)
Birmingham Northfield
Jerry Evans (Liberal Democrats)
Rob Grant (Green Party)
Dean Gwilliam (Independent)
Altaf Hussain (Independent)
Stephen Peters (Reform UK)
Dick Rodgers (Common Good)
Gary Sambrook (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Laurence Turner (Labour Party)
Birmingham Perry Barr
Kefentse Dennis (Green Party)
Sabah Hamed (Liberal Democrats)
Garry Hickton (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ayoub Khan (Independent)
Akshay Khuttan (Reform UK)
Khalid Mahmood (Labour Party)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Shangara Singh (Socialist Labour Party)
Birmingham Selly Oak
Jane Baston (Green Party)
Alistair Carns (Labour Party)
Erin Crawford (Reform UK)
Kamel Hawwash (Independent)
Simon Dennis Phipps (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dave Radcliffe (Liberal Democrats)
Birmingham Yardley
Yvonne Beverley Clements (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Roxanne Green (Green Party)
Roger Harmer (Liberal Democrats)
Nora Kamberi (Reform UK)
Jody McIntyre (Workers Party of Britain)
Jess Phillips (Labour Party)
Bishop Auckland
Rhys Burriss (Reform UK)
Helen Cross (Liberal Democrats)
Sarah Hannan (Green Party)
Jane MacBean (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rachel Maughan (Transform Party)
Sam Rushworth (Labour Party)
Kate Hollern (Labour Party)
Adnan Hussain (Independent)
Jamie McGowan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Denise Morgan (Green Party)
Craig Murray (Workers Party of Britain)
Tiger Patel (Independent)
Natasha Shah (Independent)
Tommy Temperley (Reform UK)
Adam Waller-Slack (Liberal Democrats)
Blackley and Middleton South
Iftikhar Ahmed (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alison Devine (Reform UK)
Iain Donaldson (Liberal Democrats)
Dylan Lewis-Creser (Green Party)
Graham Stringer (Labour Party)
Blackpool North and Fleetwood
Dan Barker (Reform UK)
Lorraine Beavers (Labour Party)
Jan Cresswell (Social Democratic Party)
Gita Gordon (Independent)
Bill Greene (Liberal Democrats)
Paul Maynard (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tina Rothery (Green Party)
James Antony Lionel Michael Rust (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Blackpool South
Stephen Justin Black (Independent)
Mark Anthony Butcher (Reform UK)
Andy Cregan (Liberal Democrats)
Zak Farhan Khan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kim Sherrie Knight (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom)
Ben Thomas (Green Party)
Chris Webb (Labour Party)
Blaenau Gwent and Rhymney
Anne Baker (Green Party)
Jackie Charlton (Liberal Democrats)
Robert Griffiths (Communist Party of Britain)
Yas Iqbal (Workers Party of Britain)
Hannah Jarvis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Niamh Salkeld (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Nick Smith (Labour Party)
Mike Whatley (Independent)
Blaydon and Consett
Vicky Anderson (Liberal Democrats)
David Ayre (Reform UK)
Richard Edwin Simpson (Green Party)
Angela Sterling (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Topping (Social Democratic Party)
Liz Twist (Labour Party)
Blyth and Ashington
Ian Lavery (Labour Party)
Maureen Levy (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Leyland (Green Party)
Mark Peart (Reform UK)
Stephen Anthony Psallidas (Liberal Democrats)
Bognor Regis and Littlehampton
Carol Birch (Green Party)
Sandra Elizabeth Daniells (Reform UK)
Alison Griffiths (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Henry Jones (Liberal Democrats)
David Kurten (Heritage Party)
Clare Louise Walsh (Labour Party)
Natalie Fleet (Labour Party)
Mark Fletcher (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David Hancock (Liberal Democrats)
David Kesteven (Green Party)
Robert Reaney (Reform UK)
Bolton North East
Hanif Alli (Green Party)
Kevin Allsop (Independent)
Kirith Entwistle (Labour Party)
Rebecca Forrest (Liberal Democrats)
Trevor Jones (Reform UK)
Syeda Misbah Kazmi (Workers Party of Britain)
John Partington (Independent)
Adele Kay Warren (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bolton South and Walkden
Don Prof Reis Abraham Halliwell Prf (Independent)
Mohammed Afzal (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gemma-Jane Bowker (Liberal Democrats)
Jack Khan (Workers Party of Britain)
Philip Kochitty (Green Party)
Julie Pattison (Reform UK)
Yasmin Qureshi (Labour Party)
Bolton West
Vicki Helen Attenborough (Green Party)
Phil Brickell (Labour Party)
Dylan Evans (Reform UK)
Chris Green (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Patrick Robert McGrath (English Democrats)
Donald Mcintosh (Liberal Democrats)
Rowena Bass (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Darren Burns (Reform UK)
Neil Anthony Doolin (Green Party)
Peter Dowd (Labour Party)
John Gibson (Liberal Democrats)
Ian Smith (Workers Party of Britain)
Boston and Skegness
David Dickason (English Democrats)
Alex Fawbert (Labour Party)
Mike Gilbert (Blue Revolution)
Richard Gordon Lloyd (Liberal Democrats)
Chris Moore (Green Party)
Richard Tice (Reform UK)
Matt Warman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bournemouth East
Tobias Ellwood (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tom Hayes (Labour Party)
Martin Houlden (Reform UK)
Jon Nicholas (Liberal Democrats)
Miles Penn (Social Democratic Party)
Joe Salmon (Green Party)
Kieron Wilson (Independent)
Bournemouth West
Ben Aston (Reform UK)
Conor Burns (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jeff Hanna (Liberal Democrats)
Darren Jones (Green Party)
Jessica Toale (Labour Party)
Julie Vivienne (Christian Peoples Alliance)
David Warden (Social Democratic Party)
Olivio Barreto (Independent)
Katie Mansfield (Liberal Democrats)
Jason Peter Reardon (Heritage Party)
James Sunderland (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Peter Swallow (Labour Party)
Emily Torode (Green Party)
Malcolm Tullett (Reform UK)
Bradford East
Jacob Pereira Anstey (Reform UK)
Lara Joy Barras (Yorkshire Party)
Celia Hickson (Green Party)
Aubrey Holt (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Imran Hussain (Labour Party)
Robert Michael St John O'Carroll (Liberal Democrats)
Mohammed Sayfur Rahman (Independent)
Amer Rehman (Independent)
Richard David Riley (Social Democratic Party)
Talat Sajawal (Independent)
Bradford South
Rehiana Ali (Independent)
Jonathan Daniel Stewart Barras (Yorkshire Party)
Harry Boota (Workers Party of Britain)
Judith Cummins (Labour Party)
Matt Edwards (Green Party)
Ian Peter Eglin (Reform UK)
Thérèse Hirst (English Democrats)
Zaf Shah (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Anthony Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Bradford West
Imad Uddin Ahmed (Liberal Democrats)
Umar Ghafoor (Independent)
Jamie Hinton-Wardle (Reform UK)
Akeel Hussain (Independent)
Muhammed Ali Islam (Independent)
Khalid Mahmood (Green Party)
Nigel David Moxon (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Naz Shah (Labour Party)
James Cleverly (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kieron Anthony Franks (Liberal Democrats)
David Heather (Independent)
Richard Thomson (Reform UK)
Paul Thorogood (Green Party)
Matthew Wright (Labour Party)
Brecon, Radnor and Cwm Tawe
David Chadwick (Liberal Democrats)
Matthew Dorrance (Labour Party)
Emily Durrant-Munro (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Jonathan Harrington (Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party)
Adam Hill (Reform UK)
Fay Jones (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ammi Kaur-Dhaliwal (Green Party)
Lady Lily The Pink (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Brent East
Nida Al-Fulaij (Green Party)
Dawn Butler (Labour Party)
Jenner Clarence Joseph Folwell (Independent)
Zbigniew Kowalczyk (Reform UK)
Amin Moafi (Independent)
James Mutimer (Workers Party of Britain)
Jamila Robertson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Aadil Shaikh (Independent)
Jonny Singh (Liberal Democrats)
Brent West
Ian Collier (Reform UK)
Bastôn De'Medici-Jaguar (Green Party)
Barry Gardiner (Labour Party)
Nadia Klok (Workers Party of Britain)
Paul Lorber (Liberal Democrats)
Sushil Rapatwar (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Brentford and Isleworth
Laura Blumenthal (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ruth Cadbury (Labour Party)
David Kerr (Reform UK)
Nisar Ahmed Malik (Workers Party of Britain)
Zebunisa Rao (Independent)
Kuldev Singh Sehra (Liberal Democrats)
Freya Summersgill (Green Party)
Brentwood and Ongar
Gareth Barrett (Labour Party)
Alex Burghart (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Godfrey (Reform UK)
David John Kendall (Liberal Democrats)
RJ Learmouth (Green Party)
Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats)
Anita Boateng (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Iolo Caudy (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Debra Cooper (Green Party)
Chris Elmore (Labour Party)
Mark Richard John (Independent)
Caroline Jones (Reform UK)
Claire Waller (Liberal Democrats)
Pelé Barnes (Independent)
William Frederick Fagg (Reform UK)
Ashley Fox (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Charles Graham (Green Party)
Leigh Redman (Labour Party)
Claire Sully (Liberal Democrats)
Gregory Peter Gerrard Tanner (Workers Party of Britain)
Bridlington and The Wolds
Maria Bowtell (Reform UK)
Sarah Carter (Labour Party)
Tom Cone (Independent)
Charlie Dewhirst (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gill Leek (Green Party)
Tim Norman (Yorkshire Party)
Jayne Phoenix (Liberal Democrats)
Carlo Verda (Social Democratic Party)
Brigg and Immingham
Najmul Hussain (Labour Party)
Paul Ladlow (Reform UK)
Eleanor Rylance (Liberal Democrats)
Martin Vickers (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Amie Alissa Watson (Green Party)
Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven
Valerie Gray (Social Democratic Party)
Elaine Hills (Green Party)
Stewart Stone (Liberal Democrats)
Khobi Anne Vallis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Emma Lucy Wall (Independent)
Chris Ward (Labour Party)
Brighton Pavilion
Siân Berry (Green Party)
Carl Buckfield (Social Democratic Party)
Tom Gray (Labour Party)
Mark Francis Mulvihill (Reform UK)
Ashley Ridley (Liberal Democrats)
Citizen Skwith (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
AI Steve (Independent)
Sarah Victoria Webster (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bristol Central
Robert Clarke (Reform UK)
Nicholas Coombes (Liberal Democrats)
Thangam Debbonaire (Labour Party)
Carla Denyer (Green Party)
Kellie-Jay Keen (Party Of Women)
Samuel Williams (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bristol East
Wael Mustapha Arafat (Independent)
Dan Conaghan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Claire Dunnage (Social Democratic Party)
Kerry McCarthy (Labour Party)
Farooq Ahmed Siddique (Independent)
Ani Stafford-Townsend (Green Party)
Tony Sutcliffe (Liberal Democrats)
Bristol North East
Asif Ali (Independent)
Damien Egan (Labour Party)
Lorraine Francis (Green Party)
Louise Harris (Liberal Democrats)
Rose Hulse (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Anthony Michael New (Reform UK)
Dan Smart (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Tommy Trueman (Social Democratic Party)
Bristol North West
Caroline Gooch (Liberal Democrats)
Darren Jones (Labour Party)
Scarlett O'Connor (Reform UK)
Mary Page (Green Party)
Laura Saunders (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ben Smith (Social Democratic Party)
Bristol South
Jai Breitnauer (Green Party)
Liz Brennan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Andrew Charles Brown (Liberal Democrats)
Neil Norton (Social Democratic Party)
Karin Smyth (Labour Party)
Richard Visick (Reform UK)
Broadland and Fakenham
Jan Davis (Green Party)
Leyla Hannbeck (Liberal Democrats)
Eric Philip Ashwell Masters (Reform UK)
Jerome Mayhew (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Iain Simpson (Labour Party)
Bromley and Biggin Hill
Alan Cook (Reform UK)
Peter Fortune (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Julie Ireland (Liberal Democrats)
Karen Miller (Climate Party)
Oana Olaru-Holmes (Labour Party)
Caroline Sandes (Green Party)
Sam Ammar (Independent)
Glen Brampton (Reform UK)
Talia Ellis (Green Party)
Neena Gill (Labour Party)
David Nicholl (Liberal Democrats)
Bradley Anthony Thomas (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Aheesha Zahir (Workers Party of Britain)
Nick Belfitt (Liberal Democrats)
Owen George Brett (Green Party)
Lewis Christopher Cocking (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Catherine Deakin (Labour Party)
Brett Frewin (English Constitution Party)
Martin Harvey (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Tom Holdsworth (Reform UK)
Juliet Campbell (Labour Party)
James Collis (Liberal Democrats)
Doctor John Doddy (Independent)
Darren Henry (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Teresa Needham (Green Party)
Joseph Oakley (Reform UK)
Maqsood Syed (Workers Party of Britain)
Buckingham and Bletchley
Callum Anderson (Labour Party)
Ray Brady (Independent)
Jordan Cattell (Reform UK)
Dominic Dyer (Liberal Democrats)
Amanda Onwuemene (Green Party)
Iain Stewart (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gordon Birtwistle (Liberal Democrats)
Mitchell James Cryer (Independent)
Rayyan Fiass (Independent)
Antony Higginbotham (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jack Launer (Green Party)
Nathan Thomas McCollum (Reform UK)
David Roper (Independent)
Oliver Ryan (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Burton and Uttoxeter
James Bush (Reform UK)
Jacob Collier (Labour Party)
Kate Kniveton (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Azmat Mir (Workers Party of Britain)
Sarah Philippa Jane Murray (Liberal Democrats)
Anna Williams Westwood (Green Party)
Bury North
Mark Alcock (Liberal Democrats)
Shafat Ali (Workers Party of Britain)
James Daly (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Spencer Donnelly (Independent)
James Frith (Labour Party)
Anwarul Haq (Independent)
Lynda Rosewell (Reform UK)
Owain Sutton (Green Party)
Bury South
Jeff Armstrong (Reform UK)
Sameera Ashraf (Workers Party of Britain)
Michael Elston (Independent)
Stephen Morris (English Democrats)
Andrew Page (Liberal Democrats)
Dan Ross (Communist Party of Britain)
Arnie Saunders (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Christian Wakeford (Labour Party)
Michael Welton (Green Party)
Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket
Richard Baker-Howard (Rejoin EU)
Emma Buckmaster (Green Party)
Scott Hussey (Reform UK)
Jeremy Lee (Independent)
Peter McDonald (Liberal Democrats)
Peter Prinsley (Labour Party)
Will Tanner (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Darren Turner (Communist Party of Britain)
Will Beasley (Green Party)
Nicholas Paul Beckett (Liberal Democrats)
Nancy Cole (Women's Equality Party)
Ann Davies (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
David Mark Evans (Workers Party of Britain)
Simon Hart (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bernard Holton (Reform UK)
Martha Angharad O'Neil (Labour Party)
Steve Aicheler (Liberal Democrats)
Chris Evans (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Brandon Gorman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Joshua Kim (Reform UK)
Mark Thomas (Green Party)
Lindsay Whittle (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross
Lucy Beattie (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Steve Chisholm (Alba Party)
Fiona Fawcett (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Eva Kestner (Labour Party)
Sandra Skinner (Reform UK)
Jamie Stone (Liberal Democrats)
Anne Thomas (Scottish Green Party)
Calder Valley
Josh Fenton-Glynn (Labour Party)
Vanessa Jane Lee (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jim McNeill (Social Democratic Party)
Donal O'Hanlon (Liberal Democrats)
Kieran Turner (Green Party)
James David Vasey (Yorkshire Party)
Donald Walmsley (Reform UK)
Camborne and Redruth
Connor Donnithorne (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Robert Hawkins (Socialist Labour Party)
Catherine Anne Hayes (Green Party)
Paul Thomas Holmes (The Liberal Party)
Thalia Simone Marrington (Liberal Democrats)
Perran Moon (Labour Party)
Roger Tarrant (Reform UK)
Khalid Abu-Tayyem (Workers Party of Britain)
David Carmona (Independent)
Keith Alexander Garrett (Rebooting Democracy)
Shane Manning (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sarah Louise Nicmanis (Green Party)
Cheney Payne (Liberal Democrats)
Daniel Zeichner (Labour Party)
Cannock Chase
Paul Gregory Allen (Reform UK)
Lizzie Jewkes (Liberal Democrats)
Amanda Milling (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Andrea Michelle Muckley (Green Party)
Josh Newbury (Labour Party)
Luke Buchanan-Hodgman (Social Democratic Party)
Rosie Duffield (Labour Party)
Louise Harvey-Quirke (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bridget Porter (Reform UK)
Henry Stanton (Green Party)
Russ Timpson (Liberal Democrats)
Cardiff East
Rodney Berman (Liberal Democrats)
Beatrice Brandon (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lee Canning (Reform UK)
Sam Coates (Green Party)
Cadewyn Skelley (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Jo Stevens (Labour Party)
John Williams (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Cardiff North
Lawrence Gwynn (Reform UK)
Irfan Latif (Liberal Democrats)
Anna McMorrin (Labour Party)
Malcolm Phillips (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Meg Shepherd-Foster (Green Party)
Joel Williams (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Cardiff South and Penarth
Stephen Doughty (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Simon Llewellyn (Reform UK)
Sharifah Rahman (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Anthony Slaughter (Green Party)
Ellis Smith (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alex Wilson (Liberal Democrats)
Cardiff West
Alex Barros-Curtis (Labour Party)
James Robert Hamblin (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Peter Meireon Hopkins (Reform UK)
Kiera Marshall (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Neil John McEvoy (Propel)
Manda Rigby (Liberal Democrats)
Jess Ryan (Green Party)
John Ernest Urquhart (Independent)
Sean Wesley (Heritage Party)
Gavin Hawkton (Green Party)
Rachel Hayton (Social Democratic Party)
Thomas Alexander Ben Lynestrider (Independent)
Julie Minns (Labour Party)
Sean Clifford Reed (Independent)
John Stevenson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Stephen Ward (Reform UK)
Brian Wernham (Liberal Democrats)
Carshalton and Wallington
Elliot Colburn (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Elizabeth Cooper (Reform UK)
Bobby Dean (Liberal Democrats)
Ashley Dickenson (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Tracey Hague (Green Party)
Steve Kelleher (Social Democratic Party)
Atif Abdul Rashid (Workers Party of Britain)
Hersh Thaker (Labour Party)
Castle Point
Bob Chapman (Green Party)
Rebecca Harris (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mark Jonathan Maguire (Labour Party)
Keiron Anthony McGill (Reform UK)
James Willis (Liberal Democrats)
Central Ayrshire
Kevin Thomas Blades (Reform UK)
Elaine Ford (Liberal Democrats)
Alan Gemmell (Labour Party)
Tom Kerr (Scottish Green Party)
Allan MacMillan (Social Democratic Party)
Louise McDaid (Socialist Labour Party)
Annie McIndoe (Scottish National Party (SNP))
David Rocks (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Central Devon
Jeffrey Leeks (Reform UK)
Ollie Pearson (Labour Party)
Arthur Price (Independent)
Mel Stride (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gill Westcott (Green Party)
Mark Wooding (Liberal Democrats)
Central Suffolk and North Ipswich
Charlie Caiger (Independent)
Kevin Craig (Labour Party)
Tony Gould (Reform UK)
Mike Hallatt (Independent)
Brett Alistair Mickelburgh (Liberal Democrats)
Dan Pratt (Green Party)
Patrick Spencer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ceredigion Preseli
Taghrid Al-Mawed (Workers Party of Britain)
Tomos Barlow (Green Party)
Jackie Jones (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Ben Lake (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Karl Robert Pollard (Reform UK)
Aled Thomas (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mark Williams (Liberal Democrats)
Chatham and Aylesford
Nicholas Chan (Liberal Democrats)
Nathan Andrew Gamester (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Thomas Mallon (Reform UK)
Adedotun Adesola Ogundemuren (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Tristan Osborne (Labour Party)
Steve Tanner (Social Democratic Party)
Matt Valentine (Workers Party of Britain)
Kim Winterbottom (Green Party)
Alexander Frank Richard Drury (Green Party)
Marcus Jonathan Farmer (Independent)
Kelly Fowler (Labour Party)
Tanya Manzoor (Workers Party of Britain)
Tom Morrison (Liberal Democrats)
Mary Robinson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Stephen George Speakman (Reform UK)
Vicky Ford (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Marie Goldman (Liberal Democrats)
Reza Hossain (Green Party)
Richard Hyland (Independent Network)
Darren Ingrouille (Reform UK)
Mark Stephen Kenlen (Workers Party of Britain)
Mark Citizen Lawrence (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Richard William Parry (Labour Party)
Kamla Sangha (Independent)
Chelsea and Fulham
Blaise Maxime Pascal Baquiche (Liberal Democrats)
Ben Coleman (Labour Party)
Mona Crocker (Green Party)
Anthony Goodwin (Reform UK)
Greg Hands (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sabi Patwary (Workers Party of Britain)
David Peter Poulden (Heritage Party)
Alex Chalk (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lara Chaplin (Labour Party)
Daud McDonald (Independent)
Max Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats)
Daniel Wilson (Green Party)
Chesham and Amersham
Chris Chilton (Labour Party)
Julian David Foster (Heritage Party)
Justine Collette McPherson Fulford (Green Party)
Sarah Green (Liberal Democrats)
Laurence Jarvis (Reform UK)
Muhammad Pervez Khan (Workers Party of Britain)
Gareth David Williams (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chester North and Neston
Nick Brown (Green Party)
Samantha Dixon (Labour Party)
Simon Eardley (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nicholas William Sean Goulding (Reform UK)
Stephen Gribbon (Liberal Democrats)
Chester South and Eddisbury
Aphra Brandreth (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Davies (Green Party)
Gillian Edwards (Independent)
Rob Herd (Liberal Democrats)
Peter Langley (Reform UK)
Angeliki Stogia (Labour Party)
Ian Barfield (Liberal Democrats)
Ben Flook (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Julie Lowe (Workers Party of Britain)
Toby Perkins (Labour Party)
Dan Price (Reform UK)
Kris Stone (Chesterfield And North Derbyshire Independents (CANDI))
David Wadsworth (Green Party)
Jessica Brown-Fuller (Liberal Democrats)
Tom Collinge (Labour Party)
Andrew Emerson (Independent)
Gillian Keegan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Teresa De Santis (Reform UK)
Tim Young (Green Party)
Chingford and Woodford Green
Chris Brody (Green Party)
Josh Hadley (Liberal Democrats)
Paul Luggeri (Reform UK)
Faiza Shaheen (Independent)
Iain Duncan Smith (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Shama Tatler (Labour Party)
Declan Baseley (Green Party)
Ed Deedigan (Independent)
Sarah Gibson (Liberal Democrats)
Benjamin David Ginsburg (Reform UK)
Nic Puntis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ravi Venkatesh (Labour Party)
Chipping Barnet
Mark Durrant (Liberal Democrats)
David Farbey (Green Party)
Hamish Haddow (Reform UK)
Richard Hewison (Rejoin EU)
Kay Lauer (Independent)
Dan Tomlinson (Labour Party)
Theresa Villiers (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ben Holden-Crowther (Democracy for Chorley)
Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker seeking re-election)
Graham Moore (English Constitution Party)
Martin Powell-Davies (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Mark Worsley Tebbutt (Green Party)
Robin Adamson (Reform UK)
Christopher Chope (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mike Cox (Liberal Democrats)
Susan Graham (Green Party)
Joanna Howard (Labour Party)
Simon McCormack (Independent)
Trevor Parsons (Social Democratic Party)
Steve Unwin (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Sasha Jolliffe Yasawi (Animal Welfare Party)
Cities of London and Westminster
Tim Barnes (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rachel Blake (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Liz Burford (Rejoin EU)
Huge De Burgh (Social Democratic Party)
Mathew Carr (Independent)
John Generic (Independent)
Tarun Ghulati (Reform UK)
Tim Hallett (Independent)
Edward Lucas (Liberal Democrats)
Hoz Shafiei (Workers Party of Britain)
Rajiv Rahul Sinha (Green Party)
City of Durham
Mark Belch (Reform UK)
Jonathan Elmer (Green Party)
Mary Foy (Labour Party)
Luke Allan Holmes (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sarah Welbourne (Social Democratic Party)
Mark Wilkes (Liberal Democrats)
Matthew Bensilum (Liberal Democrats)
Nigel Farage (Reform UK)
Craig Jamieson (Climate Party)
Tony Mack (Independent)
Natasha Osben (Green Party)
Jovan Owusu-Nepaul (Labour Party)
Tasos Papanastasiou (Heritage Party)
Andrew Pemberton (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Giles Watling (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Clapham and Brixton Hill
Ben Curtis (Liberal Democrats)
Jon Key (Independent)
Bill Martin (The Socialist Party of Great Britain)
Mark Matlock (Reform UK)
Bell Ribeiro-Addy (Labour Party)
Asha Saroy (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Shâo-Lan Yuen (Green Party)
Clwyd East
Alec Dauncey (Liberal Democrats)
James Davies (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Becky Gittins (Labour Party)
Lee Lavery (Green Party)
Paul Penlington (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Rob Roberts (Independent)
Kirsty Walmsley (Reform UK)
Clwyd North
Gill German (Labour Party)
Martyn James Hogg (Green Party)
Darren Millar (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jamie Orange (Reform UK)
Paul Rowlinson (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
David Wilkins (Liberal Democrats)
Coatbridge and Bellshill
Steven Bonnar (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Emma Farthing (Liberal Democrats)
Drew Thomas Gilchrist (Communist Party of Britain)
Leo Francis Lanahan (Scottish Family Party)
Patrick Pearse McAleer (Scottish Green Party)
Frank McNally (Labour Party)
Fionna McRae (Reform UK)
Christina Sandhu (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Pam Cox (Labour Party)
James Cracknell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Martin Goss (Liberal Democrats)
Terence Longstaff (Reform UK)
James Rolfe (Climate Party)
Sara Nicola Ruth (Green Party)
Colne Valley
Paul Davies (Labour Party)
Stuart Hale (Reform UK)
Katharine Macy (Liberal Democrats)
Jason McCartney (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Timothy Archer Millea (Yorkshire Party)
Heather Peacock (Green Party)
Fiona Bruce (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Duffy (Liberal Democrats)
Rich McCarthy (Green Party)
Rob Moreton (Independent)
Sarah Alison Russell (Labour Party)
Kay Wesley (Women's Equality Party)
Martin York (Reform UK)
Corby and East Northamptonshire
Lee Barron (Labour Party)
Karen Elizabeth Blott (Independent)
Lee Forster (Green Party)
Chris Lofts (Liberal Democrats)
Eddie McDonald (Reform UK)
Tom Pursglove (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Coventry East
Paul Bedson (Workers Party of Britain)
Mary Creagh (Labour Party)
Stephen Robert George Gray (Green Party)
Sarah Lesadd (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mike Massimi (Liberal Democrats)
Dave Nellist (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Iddrisu Sufyan (Reform UK)
Coventry North West
Tom Holder (Liberal Democrats)
Tom Mercer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Holly-Mae Nelson (Reform UK)
Taiwo Owatemi (Labour Party)
Esther Mary Reeves (Green Party)
Elizabeth Mary Richards (Independent)
Coventry South
Chris Baddon (Reform UK)
Mattie Heaven (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alastair Mellon (Social Democratic Party)
Joshua Dylan Morland (Independent)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Anne Patterson (Green Party)
Stephen Richmond (Liberal Democrats)
Zarah Sultana (Labour Party)
Mohammed Ali Syed (Workers Party of Britain)
Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy
Lesley Backhouse (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Sonia Davidson (Reform UK)
Fraser Graham (Liberal Democrats)
Johnny Gray (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mags Hall (Scottish Green Party)
Neale Hanvey (Alba Party)
Caz Paul (Scottish Libertarian Party)
Melanie Ward (Labour Party)
Cramlington and Killingworth
Thom Campion (Liberal Democrats)
Gordon Fletcher (Reform UK)
Emma Foody (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Dawn Furness (Independent)
Ian Jones (Green Party)
Scott Lee (Independent)
Ian Levy (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mathew Wilkinson (Social Democratic Party)
Zack Ali (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Linda Bamieh (Workers Party of Britain)
Robin Burnham (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Tim Charters (Reform UK)
Iain Dickson (Green Party)
Lee Daniel Gibbs (Liberal Democrats)
Peter Lamb (Labour Party)
Dan Weir (Heritage Party)
Crewe and Nantwich
Te Ata Browne (Green Party)
Ben Fletcher (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Phil Lane (Workers Party of Britain)
Connor Naismith (Labour Party)
Brian George Silvester (Putting Crewe First, Independent Residents Group.)
Matthew Theobald (Liberal Democrats)
Lord Psychobilly Tractor (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Matt Wood (Reform UK)
Croydon East
Jason Cummings (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Scott Holman (Reform UK)
Natasha Dawn Irons (Labour Party)
Andrew John Pelling (Liberal Democrats)
Peter Underwood (Green Party)
Croydon South
Bob Bromley (Reform UK)
Elaine Garrod (Green Party)
Richard Michael Howard (Liberal Democrats)
Kulsum Hussin (Workers Party of Britain)
Chris Philp (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mark Robin Lionel Samuel (Independent)
Ben Taylor (Labour Party)
Croydon West
April Jacqueline Ashley (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Simon Fox (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jahir Hussain (Liberal Democrats)
Sarah Jones (Labour Party)
Vinayak Malhotra (Reform UK)
Donna Murray-Turner (Taking The Initiative Party)
Ria Patel (Green Party)
Ahsan Ullah (Workers Party of Britain)
Cumbernauld and Kirkintilloch
Satbir Gill (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Adam Harley (Liberal Democrats)
Anne McCrossan (Scottish Green Party)
Stuart McDonald (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Katrina Murray (Labour Party)
Billy Ross (Reform UK)
Dagenham and Rainham
Kim Arrowsmith (Green Party)
Francesca Rose Flack (Liberal Democrats)
Kevin Godfrey (Reform UK)
Sam Holland (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Terence London (Independent)
Margaret Mullane (Labour Party)
Peter Gibson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lola McEvoy (Labour Party)
Matthew Snedker (Green Party)
Simon Thorley (Liberal Democrats)
Michael Walker (Reform UK)
Jim Dickson (Labour Party)
Laura Edie (Green Party)
Gareth Johnson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kyle Grenville Albert Marsh (Liberal Democrats)
Lee Stranders (Reform UK)
Stuart Andrew (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Scott Ewen Cameron (Reform UK)
Jonathan William Harris (Liberal Democrats)
Marianne Kimani (Labour Party)
Clare Patricia Slater (Green Party)
Derby North
Catherine Atkinson (Labour Party)
Helen Hitchcock (Green Party)
Timothy Prosser (Reform UK)
Amanda Solloway (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Nicholas Sweeney (Liberal Democrats)
Derby South
Alan Graves (Reform UK)
Jamie Mulhall (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Joe Naitta (Liberal Democrats)
Baggy Shanker (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Zephyr Tair (Independent)
Sam Ward (Green Party)
Chris Williamson (Workers Party of Britain)
Derbyshire Dales
Kelda Boothroyd (Green Party)
Robert Court (Liberal Democrats)
Sarah Dines (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rachel Elnaugh-Love (Independent)
Edward Hudson Oakenfull (Reform UK)
Helen Wetherall (True & Fair Party)
John Whitby (Labour Party)
Dewsbury and Batley
Simon Cope (Green Party)
Heather Iqbal (Labour Party)
Iqbal Hussain Mohamed (Independent)
John Edward Rossington (Liberal Democrats)
Lalit Suryawanshi (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Johnathan Robert Thackray (Reform UK)
Didcot and Wantage
Steve Beatty (Reform UK)
Sam Casey-Rerhaye (Green Party)
Olly Glover (Liberal Democrats)
David Mervyn Johnston (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mocky Khan (Labour Party)
Kyn Pomlett (Social Democratic Party)
Doncaster Central
Nick Allen (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Surjit Singh Duhre (Reform UK)
Sally Jameson (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Tosh McDonald (Workers Party of Britain)
Jennifer Joanne Rozenfelds (Green Party)
Greg Ruback (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew David Walmsley (Yorkshire Party)
Doncaster East and the Isle of Axholme
Nicholas Fletcher (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul David Garrett (Green Party)
Michael John Longfellow (Climate Party)
Irwen Martin (Reform UK)
Lee Pitcher (Labour Party)
Nicola Jane Turner (Liberal Democrats)
Doncaster North
David Bettney (Social Democratic Party)
Glenn Karl Bluff (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Catherine Briggs (Party Of Women)
Frank Calladine (British Democratic Party)
Christopher Charles Dawson (Yorkshire Party)
Jonathan Harston (Liberal Democrats)
Andy Hiles (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Ed Miliband (Labour Party)
Tony Nicholson (Green Party)
Dorking and Horley
Nadia Laura Burrell (Labour Party)
Chris Coghlan (Liberal Democrats)
Marisa Heath (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lisa Claire Scott (Green Party)
Craig Alexander Young (Reform UK)
Dover and Deal
Howard Cox (Reform UK)
Penelope James (Liberal Democrats)
Stephen James (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Laws (English Democrats)
Geoff Lymer (Independent)
Christine Lilian Oliver (Green Party)
Ashley James Payne (Independent)
Sylvia Jean Petersen (Heritage Party)
Mike Tapp (Labour Party)
Colin Tasker (Workers Party of Britain)
Chris Tough (Independent)
Droitwich and Evesham
Sam Bastow (Reform UK)
Andrew Flaxman (Social Democratic Party)
Neil Franks (Green Party)
Nigel Huddleston (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chipiliro Kalebe-Nyamongo (Labour Party)
Oliver Walker (Liberal Democrats)
Shakeela Bibi (Independent)
Ian Flynn (Liberal Democrats)
Aftab Hussain (Workers Party of Britain)
Sonia Kumar (Labour Party)
Marco Longhi (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dharmanand Mortha (Independent)
Zia Qari (Green Party)
Andrew Southall (Reform UK)
Dulwich and West Norwood
Leon Cook (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Pete Elliott (Green Party)
Donna Harris (Liberal Democrats)
Helen Hayes (Labour Party)
Mike Spenser (Independent)
Gary Stevens (Reform UK)
Dumfries and Galloway
John Cooper (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David P Griffiths (Heritage Party)
Charles Anthony Keal (Reform UK)
Tracey Little (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Iain McDonald (Liberal Democrats)
Laura Moodie (Scottish Green Party)
James Wallace (Labour Party)
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale
Dominic Ashmole (Scottish Green Party)
Drummond Begg (Liberal Democrats)
Daniel Coleman (Labour Party)
Gareth Kirk (Scottish Family Party)
David Alexander Kirkwood (Reform UK)
Kim Marshall (Scottish National Party (SNP))
David Mundell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dundee Central
Daniel Coleman (Liberal Democrats)
Susan Ettle (Scottish Family Party)
Emma Farquhar (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chris Law (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Vicky McCann (Reform UK)
Richard McCready (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Jim McFarlane (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Raymond Mennie (Workers Party of Britain)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Alan Ross (Alba Party)
Dunfermline and Dollar
Naz Anis-Miah (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Ryan Blackadder (Scottish Green Party)
Udo Van Den Brock (Reform UK)
Lauren Buchanan-Quigley (Liberal Democrats)
Graeme Downie (Labour Party)
Graham Wilson Hadley (Independent)
Thomas Heald (Conservative and Unionist Party)
George Morton (Independent)
Danny Smith (Scottish Family Party)
Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard
Emma Holland-Lindsay (Liberal Democrats)
Sukhinder Paul Hundal (Green Party)
Alex Mayer (Labour Party)
Harry Palmer (Reform UK)
Andrew Selous (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Antonio Vitiello (Patriots Alliance - English Democrats and UKIP)
Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Tomos Day (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Karl Drinkwater (Green Party)
Joan Ginsberg (Heritage Party)
Phoebe Jenkins (Liberal Democrats)
Lucy Murphy (Reform UK)
Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Joanna Stallard (Labour Party)
Ealing Central and Acton
Stephen Balogh (Social Democratic Party)
Julie Carter (Independent)
Kate Crossland (Green Party)
Rupa Huq (Labour Party)
Nada Jarche (Workers Party of Britain)
Alastair Mitton (Liberal Democrats)
Felix Orrell (Reform UK)
James Windsor-Clive (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ealing North
Helmi Alharahsheh (Independent)
Les Beaumont (Social Democratic Party)
Sam Habeeb (Workers Party of Britain)
Leon Harris (Reform UK)
Maria Khan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Natalia Kubica (Green Party)
James Murray (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Craig O'Donnell (Liberal Democrats)
Ealing Southall
Darshan Singh Azad (Workers Party of Britain)
Sangeet Kaur Bhail (Independent)
Joe Bhangu (Independent)
Georgie Callé (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Chilcott (Reform UK)
Pedro Da Conceicao (Independent)
Deirdre Costigan (Labour Party)
Tariq Mahmood (Liberal Democrats)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Neil Reynolds (Green Party)
Jaginder Singh (Independent)
Peter Ward (Rejoin EU)
Earley and Woodley
Alastair Hunter (Social Democratic Party)
Pauline Alison Jorgensen (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tahir Maher (Liberal Democrats)
Gary Shacklady (Green Party)
Yuan Yang (Labour Party)
Stephen James Ashfield (Green Party)
Mary Cartwright (The North East Party)
Tony Ferguson (Liberal Democrats)
Joanne Howey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Grahame Morris (Labour Party)
Lynn Murphy (Reform UK)
East Antrim
Mark Bailey (Green Party)
Danny Donnelly (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Margaret Anne McKillop (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Oliver McMullan (Sinn Féin)
John Stewart (Ulster Unionist Party)
Matthew Warwick (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Sammy Wilson (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
East Grinstead and Uckfield
Christina Nanna Mary Coleman (Green Party)
Ben Sebastian Cox (Labour Party)
Mims Davies (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Benedict Dempsey (Liberal Democrats)
Ian Gibson (Independent)
William Jeffrey Highton (English Democrats)
East Ham
Hillary Victoria Briffa (Liberal Democrats)
Maria Higson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tahir Mirza (Independent)
Daniel Charles Oxley (Reform UK)
Rosie Pearce (Green Party)
Sathish Mohan Ramadoss (Independent)
Anand Kumar Sundar (Independent)
Stephen Timms (Labour Party)
East Hampshire
Damian Hinds (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Matthew Kellermann (Reform UK)
Richard Knight (Green Party)
Jim Makin (Hampshire Independents)
Dominic Martin (Liberal Democrats)
Lucy Emma Sims (Labour Party)
Sara Smith (Social Democratic Party)
East Kilbride and Strathaven
Grant Daniel Costello (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Ross Alexander Lambie (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Donald MacKay (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Ann McGuinness (Scottish Green Party)
David Mills (Reform UK)
Aisha Mir (Liberal Democrats)
Joani Reid (Labour Party)
David Richardson (Scottish Family Party)
East Londonderry
Gemma Brolly (Aontú)
Gregory Campbell (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Cara Hunter (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Allister Kyle (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Jen McCahon (Green Party)
Kathleen McGurk (Sinn Féin)
Glen Miller (Ulster Unionist Party)
Claire Scull (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Richard Stewart (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
East Renfrewshire
Matt Alexander (Reform UK)
Alan Grant (Liberal Democrats)
Sandesh Gulhane (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Blair McDougall (Labour Party)
Kirsten Frances Oswald (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Maria Reid (Scottish Family Party)
Karen Sharkey (Scottish Green Party)
Allan Steele (The Liberal Party)
Colette Walker (Independence for Scotland Party)
East Surrey
Thomas Bowell (Labour Party)
Claire Coutinho (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Martin Hogbin (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Shasha Khan (Green Party)
Claire Malcomson (Liberal Democrats)
Judy Moore (Independent)
Chris Scott (Reform UK)
East Thanet
Polly Billington (Labour Party)
Grahame George Birchall (Independent)
Helen Harrison (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Holton (Independent)
Steve Roberts (Green Party)
Mo Shafaei (Independent)
Jai Singh (Liberal Democrats)
Paul Webb (Reform UK)
East Wiltshire
Pete Force-Jones (True & Fair Party)
Emily Herbert (Green Party)
David Kinnaird (Liberal Democrats)
Danny Kruger (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rob Newman (Labour Party)
Stephen Talbot (Reform UK)
East Worthing and Shoreham
David Batchelor (Liberal Democrats)
Ivana Forman (Independent)
John William Greenshields (Independent)
Lionel Roger Harman (Reform UK)
Tom Rutland (Labour Party)
Frank Ward (Independent)
Leila Williams (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Debbie Woudman (Green Party)
Caroline Ansell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mark Ashdown (Reform UK)
Josh Babarinde (Liberal Democrats)
Ian Charles Garbutt (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Mike Munson (Green Party)
Paul Richards (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Clare Lorraine Fawcett (Reform UK)
Liz Jarvis (Liberal Democrats)
Samuel Joynson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Russ Kitching (Independent)
Ben David Parry (Green Party)
Daniel Shearer (Labour Party)
Edinburgh East and Musselburgh
Charles Dundas (Liberal Democrats)
Jane Mackenzie Gould (Independent)
Amanda Grimm (Scottish Green Party)
Marie-Clair Munro (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chris Murray (Labour Party)
Tommy Sheppard (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Derek Winton (Reform UK)
Edinburgh North and Leith
Mike Andersen (Liberal Democrats)
Deidre Brock (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Niel Deepnarain (Scottish Family Party)
Tracy Gilbert (Labour Party)
David Don Jacobsen (Socialist Labour Party)
Alan Melville (Reform UK)
Jo Mowat (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kayleigh O'Neill (Scottish Green Party)
Richard Charles Shillcock (Communist Party of Britain)
Caroline Waterloo (Independent)
Edinburgh South
Christopher Cowdy (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Phil Holden (Scottish Family Party)
Simita Kumar (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Lynne Lyon (Alba Party)
Alex Martin (Independent)
Ian Murray (Labour Party)
Jo Phillips (Scottish Green Party)
Cameron Rose (Reform UK)
Mark Rowbotham (Independent)
Andy Williamson (Liberal Democrats)
Edinburgh South West
Scott Arthur (Labour Party)
Joanna Cherry (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Ian Harper (Reform UK)
Dan Heap (Scottish Green Party)
Richard Lucas (Scottish Family Party)
Sue Webber (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Marc Richard Wilkinson (Independent)
Bruce Wilson (Liberal Democrats)
Edinburgh West
Michael Davidson (Labour Party)
David Henry (Independent)
Nick Hornig (Independent)
Euan Hyslop (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Otto Inglis (Reform UK)
Christine Jardine (Liberal Democrats)
Tam Laird (Scottish Libertarian Party)
James Puchowski (Scottish Green Party)
Alastair Shields (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Edmonton and Winchmore Hill
Yemi Awolola (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Luke Balnave (Green Party)
Denise Headley (Workers Party of Britain)
Zoe Huggins (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tim Martin (Liberal Democrats)
Kate Osamor (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Khalid Sadur (Independent)
Neville Watson (Reform UK)
Ellesmere Port and Bromborough
Michael Christopher Aldred (Reform UK)
Ruth Kathleen Boulton (Independent)
Chris Carubia (Liberal Democrats)
Lee Evans (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Harry Ross Gorman (Green Party)
Justin Madders (Labour Party)
Eltham and Chislehurst
Ulysse Lucien Abbate (Liberal Democrats)
Dr John Courtneidge (Independent)
Charlie Davis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Clive Efford (Labour Party)
Sam Gabriel (Green Party)
Christian Hacking (Independent)
Mark George Simpson (Reform UK)
Sean Ellis Stewart (Workers Party of Britain)
Arnold Tarling (Independent)
Ely and East Cambridgeshire
Robert Bayley (Social Democratic Party)
Charlotte Cane (Liberal Democrats)
Andy Cogan (Green Party)
Ryan Coogan (Reform UK)
Lucy Frazer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Hoo-Ray Henry (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Elizabeth McWilliams (Labour Party)
Obi Monye (Independent)
Rob Rawlins (Independent)
Enfield North
Aishat Anifowoshe (Workers Party of Britain)
Stephen Bird (Reform UK)
Feryal Clark (Labour Party)
Chris Dey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ertan Karpazli (Independent)
Guy Russo (Liberal Democrats)
Isobel Whittaker (Green Party)
Epping Forest
Rosalind Anne Doré (Labour Party)
Thomas Bartholomew Hall (Shared Ground)
Simon Alexander Heap (Green Party)
Neil Hudson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ed Pond (Independent)
Jon Whitehouse (Liberal Democrats)
Epsom and Ewell
Mhairi Fraser (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Helen Maguire (Liberal Democrats)
Stephen McKenna (Green Party)
Gina Miller (True & Fair Party)
Mayuran Senthilnathan (Reform UK)
Mark Todd (Labour Party)
Damon Young (Social Democratic Party)
James Martin Archer (Liberal Democrats)
Liam Dane Booth-Isherwood (Reform UK)
John William Kirby (Independent)
Brent Poland (Green Party)
Adam Thompson (Labour Party)
Maggie Throup (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Erith and Thamesmead
Sarah Elizabeth Rose Barry (Green Party)
Pierce Chalmers (Liberal Democrats)
Diana Diamond (Independent)
Richard John Mark (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Abena Oppong-Asare (Labour Party)
Michael Pastor (Reform UK)
Mohammed Abu Shahed (Workers Party of Britain)
Esher and Walton
Richard Bateson (Social Democratic Party)
John Cope (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Yoel Gordon (Labour Party)
Alastair Gray (Reform UK)
Monica Harding (Liberal Democrats)
Maciej Pawlik (Green Party)
Will Aczel (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Wallace Bell (Green Party)
Lee Bunker (Reform UK)
William (Willy) O Poulter (Independent)
Steve Race (Labour Party)
Robert Michael Spain (Independent)
Tessa Tucker (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Exmouth and Exeter East
Paul Arnott (Liberal Democrats)
Mark P Baldwin (Climate Party)
Helen Dallimore (Labour Party)
Olly Davey (Green Party)
Peter H Faithfull (Independent)
David George Reed (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Garry Sutherland (Reform UK)
Dan Wilson (Independent)
Zohaib Arshad (Alba Party)
Keith Barrow (Reform UK)
James Bundy (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Toni Giugliano (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Rachel Kidd (Scottish Green Party)
Tim McKay (Liberal Democrats)
Euan Stainbank (Labour Party)
Mark Andrew Tunnicliff (Independent)
Fareham and Waterlooville
Suella Braverman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kevan Chippindall-Higgin (Reform UK)
Edward Dean (Rejoin EU)
Gemma Furnivall (Labour Party)
Bella Hewitt (Liberal Democrats)
Robert John Holliday (Hampshire Independents)
Baz Marie (Green Party)
Farnham and Bordon
Ged Hall (Reform UK)
Don Jerrard (Hampshire Independents)
Alex Just (Labour Party)
Claire Louise Matthes (Green Party)
Gregory Stafford (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Khalil Yousuf (Liberal Democrats)
Faversham and Mid Kent
Mel Dawkins (Labour Party)
Maxwell Harrison (Reform UK)
Hannah Perkin (Liberal Democrats)
Lawrence Rustem (British Democratic Party)
Hannah Temple (Green Party)
Helen Whately (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Feltham and Heston
Ian Christopher Brown (Independent)
Aysha Siddika Choudhury (Independent)
Reva Anil Gudi (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Katharine Kandelaki (Green Party)
Seema Malhotra (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Amrit Mann (Workers Party of Britain)
Damian Read (Independent)
Dhruv Sengupta (Liberal Democrats)
Prabhdeep Singh (Reform UK)
Abdul Majid Tramboo (Independent)
Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Diana Armstrong (Ulster Unionist Party)
Paul Blake (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Gerry Cullen (Cross-Community Labour Alternative)
Pat Cullen (Sinn Féin)
Carl Duffy (Aontú)
Eddie Roofe (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Filton and Bradley Stoke
Benet Allen (Liberal Democrats)
Stephen James Burge (Reform UK)
Claire Hazelgrove (Labour Party)
Jack Lopresti (Conservative and Unionist Party)
James William Nelson (Green Party)
Finchley and Golders Green
Alex Deane (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Brendan Patrick Donnelly (Rejoin EU)
Sarah Hoyle (Liberal Democrats)
Katharine Margaret Murphy (Party Of Women)
Steve Parsons (Green Party)
Giuseppe Pezzulli (Reform UK)
Sarah Sackman (Labour Party)
Michael Shad (Independent)
Folkestone and Hythe
David John Allen (Fairer Voting Party)
Marianne Brett (Green Party)
Damian Collins (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Momtaz Khanom (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Larry Ngan (Liberal Democrats)
Andy Thomas (The Socialist Party of Great Britain)
Tony Vaughan (Labour Party)
Bill Wright (Reform UK)
Forest of Dean
Matt Bishop (Labour Party)
Stanley Goodin (Reform UK)
Mark Harper (Conservative and Unionist Party)
James Joyce (Liberal Democrats)
Chris McFarling (Green Party)
Saiham Sikder (Socialist Labour Party)
John Boyle (Aontú)
Sandra Duffy (Sinn Féin)
Colum Eastwood (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Rachael Ferguson (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Shaun Harkin (People Before Profit)
Anne McCloskey (Independent)
Gary Middleton (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Janice Montgomery (Ulster Unionist Party)
Frome and East Somerset
Martin Dimery (Green Party)
Gavin John Heathcote (Independent)
Shaun Hughes (Independent)
Robin Moss (Labour Party)
Anna Sabine (Liberal Democrats)
David Swain (Reform UK)
Lucy Clare Trimnell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Anne Aitken (Independent)
Tom Calver (Labour Party)
Mark Jewell (Liberal Democrats)
Cheryl Morrison (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom)
Andrew Snowden (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Brenden Wilkinson (Green Party)
Brook Wimbury (Reform UK)
Sir Edward Leigh (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jess McGuire (Labour Party)
Tim Bray Mellors (Social Democratic Party)
Pat O'Connor (Reform UK)
Lesley Rollings (Liberal Democrats)
Vanessa Smith (Green Party)
Gateshead Central and Whickham
Ron Beadle (Liberal Democrats)
Rachel Mary Cabral (Green Party)
Mark Ferguson (Labour Party)
Norman Hall (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Damian Heslop (Reform UK)
Nick Oliver (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Graham Steele (Save Us Now)
Dominic Berry (Green Party)
Simon Christy (Reform UK)
Tad Jones (Liberal Democrats)
Irenea Marriott (Independent)
Michael Payne (Labour Party)
Tom Randall (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gillingham and Rainham
Kate Belmonte (Green Party)
Stuart James Bourne (Liberal Democrats)
Rehman Chishti (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Peter Cook (Independent)
Naushabah Khan (Labour Party)
Roger James Peacock (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Rizvi Rawoof (Reform UK)
Peter Anthony Wheeler (Social Democratic Party)
Glasgow East
Matthew James Clark (Liberal Democrats)
John Grady (Labour Party)
Thomas Kerr (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Amy Kettyles (Scottish Green Party)
David Linden (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Liam McLaughlan (Scottish Socialist Party)
Donnie McLeod (Reform UK)
Glasgow North
Naveed Asghar (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Helen Burns (Reform UK)
Iris Duane (Scottish Green Party)
Nick Durie (Alba Party)
Daniel John O'Malley (Liberal Democrats)
Martin Rhodes (Labour Party)
Alison Thewliss (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Glasgow North East
Maureen Burke (Labour Party)
Robert Henry Connelly (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ewan Lewis (Scottish Green Party)
Catherine McKernan (Alba Party)
Anne McLaughlin (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Chris Sermanni (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Gary Steele (Communist Party of Britain)
Sheila Thomson (Liberal Democrats)
Jonathan Walmsley (Reform UK)
Glasgow South
Niall Christie (Scottish Green Party)
Dhruva Kumar (Alba Party)
Haroun Malik (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Stewart McDonald (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Gordon McKee (Labour Party)
Peter Michael McLaughlin (Liberal Democrats)
Danny Raja (Reform UK)
Brian Smith (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Glasgow South West
Zubir Ahmed (Labour Party)
John Hamelink (Scottish Green Party)
Paul McGarry (Liberal Democrats)
Morag McRae (Reform UK)
Tony Osy (Alba Party)
Mamun Rashid (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chris Stephens (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Glasgow West
James Calder (Liberal Democrats)
John Cormack (Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship")
Patricia Ferguson (Labour Party)
Faten Hameed (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Carol Monaghan (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Dionne Moore (Reform UK)
Nick Quail (Scottish Green Party)
Glastonbury and Somerton
Tom Carter (Reform UK)
Jon Cousins (Green Party)
Sarah Joanne Dyke (Liberal Democrats)
Hal Hooberman (Labour Party)
Faye Purbrick (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Glenrothes and Mid Fife
Richard Baker (Labour Party)
John Beare (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Debbie MacCallum (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jill Reilly (Liberal Democrats)
Ian Sinclair Smith (Reform UK)
Akhlaque Ahmed (Socialist Labour Party)
Chris Farmer (Reform UK)
Steve Gower (Workers Party of Britain)
Richard Graham (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alex McIntyre (Labour Party)
Wing Commander (RTD) Fred Ramsey (Independent)
Adam Shearing (Green Party)
Rebecca Jane Trimnell (Liberal Democrats)
Godalming and Ash
Graham Richard Drage (Reform UK)
Paul Follows (Liberal Democrats)
Jeremy Hunt (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ruby Tucker (Green Party)
James Walsh (Labour Party)
Harriet Williams (Women's Equality Party)
Goole and Pocklington
David Davis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Liam Derek Henry Draycott (Labour Party)
Rich Kelly (Reform UK)
Dale Richard Needham (Liberal Democrats)
Angela Stone (Green Party)
Shona Wade (Independent)
Gordon and Buchan
Nurul Hoque Ali (Labour Party)
Kris Callander (Reform UK)
Harriet Cross (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Richard Gordon Thomson (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Conrad James Wood (Liberal Democrats)
Gorton and Denton
Amir Yousuf Burney (Workers Party of Britain)
Amanda Gardner (Green Party)
Andrew Gwynne (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Lee Moffitt (Reform UK)
John Reid (Liberal Democrats)
Ruth Welsh (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Edward Batterbury (Labour Party)
Tim Bearder (Liberal Democrats)
Caroline Dinenage (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lisa Grace Englefield (Heritage Party)
Matt Mulliss (Reform UK)
Jeff Roberts (Independent)
Tony Sudworth (Green Party)
Dave Watson (Hampshire Independents)
Tonia Antoniazzi (Labour Party)
Franck Banza (Liberal Democrats)
Wayne Erasmus (Independent)
Chris Evans (Green Party)
Marc Jenkins (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kieran Pritchard (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Catrin Thomas (Reform UK)
Grantham and Bourne
Vipul Bechar (Labour Party)
Gareth Davies (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Anne Elizabeth Gayfer (Green Party)
Alexander Mitchell (Social Democratic Party)
Charmaine Morgan (Lincolnshire Independents Lincolnshire First)
Mike Rudkin (Reform UK)
Ian Edward Selby (Independent)
John Vincent (Liberal Democrats)
Adam Holloway (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rebecca Drake Hopkins (Green Party)
Matthew Herbert Fraser Moat (Reform UK)
Ukonu Obasi (Liberal Democrats)
Lauren Sullivan (Labour Party)
Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes
Ed Fraser (Green Party)
Oliver Freeston (Reform UK)
Mark Patrick Gee (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
John Craig Lawson (Liberal Democrats)
Lia Nici (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Melanie Onn (Labour Party)
Christopher Stephenson (Social Democratic Party)
Great Yarmouth
Catherine Blaiklock (English Democrats)
Paul David Brown (Independent)
James Clark (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Keir Cozens (Labour Party)
Rupert Lowe (Reform UK)
Trevor Rawson (Green Party)
Clare Chantal Roullier (Independent)
Fionna Tod (Liberal Democrats)
Greenwich and Woolwich
Chris Annous (Liberal Democrats)
Priyank Bakshi (Climate Party)
Jonathan Goff (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Abdoul Aziz Ndiaye (Reform UK)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Matthew Pennycook (Labour Party)
Sheikh Raquib (Workers Party of Britain)
Stacy Smith (Green Party)
Zöe Franklin (Liberal Democrats)
Sarah Gillinson (Labour Party)
John Hugh Morris (The Peace Party - Non-violence, Justice, Environment)
Sam Peters (Green Party)
Angela Richardson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dennis Saunders (Reform UK)
Hackney North and Stoke Newington
Diane Abbott (Labour Party)
Ryan Ahmad (Independent)
Deborah Cairns (Reform UK)
Kombat Diva (Independent)
Antoinette Fernandez (Green Party)
Rebecca Jones (Liberal Democrats)
Knigel Knapp (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
David Landau (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Hackney South and Shoreditch
Anil Bhatti (Reform UK)
Laura-Louise Fairley (Green Party)
Meg Hillier (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Mohammed Shahed Hussain (Workers Party of Britain)
Joanna Kate Reeves (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Theodore Roos (Liberal Democrats)
Carol Susan Small (Workers Revolutionary Party)
Alex Ballinger (Labour Party)
Emma Bullard (Green Party)
James Morris (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jonathan Oakton (Reform UK)
Ryan Ashley Priest (Liberal Democrats)
Kate Alexandra Dearden (Labour and Co-operative Party)
James Griffith-Jones (Reform UK)
Martin Hey (Green Party)
Perveen Hussain (Independent)
Samuel Jackson (Liberal Democrats)
Shakir Saghir (Workers Party of Britain)
Hazel Sharp (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Hamble Valley
Prad Bains (Liberal Democrats)
Caroline Gladwin (Reform UK)
Binka Griffin (Hampshire Independents)
Paul Holmes (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kate Needham (Green Party)
Devina Marylyn Paul (Labour Party)
Hamilton and Clyde Valley
Kyle Burns (Liberal Democrats)
Ross Clark (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Christopher Ho (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Lisa Judge (Reform UK)
Richard Nelson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Imogen Walker (Labour Party)
Hammersmith and Chiswick
Bill Colegrave (Rejoin EU)
Andrew Dinsmore (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Scott Ejiro Dore (Workers Revolutionary Party)
Raj Gill (Workers Party of Britain)
Louise Heathcote (Reform UK)
Eraj Rostaqi (Liberal Democrats)
Naranee Ruthra-Rajan (Green Party)
Andy Slaughter (Labour Party)
Hampstead and Highgate
Catherine Becker (Reform UK)
Christie Elan-Cane (Rejoin EU)
Scott Emery (Liberal Democrats)
Jonathan Louis Livingstone (Independent)
Lorna Jane Russell (Green Party)
Tulip Siddiq (Labour Party)
Don Williams (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Harborough, Oadby and Wigston
Danuta Bernadette Jeeves (Reform UK)
Phil Knowles (Liberal Democrats)
Robin Lambert (Social Democratic Party)
Neil O'Brien (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Hajira Hanif Piranie (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Darren Woodiwiss (Green Party)
Hannah Ellis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Malcolm Featherstone (Reform UK)
Yasmin Gregory (Green Party)
Riad Mannan (Liberal Democrats)
Lois Jasmine Perry (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Christopher John Vince (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Harpenden and Berkhamsted
Victoria Collins (Liberal Democrats)
Nigel Robert Gardner (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Gregory De Hoest (Green Party)
Zara Layne (Labour Party)
Mark Thomas Patten (Social Democratic Party)
Saba Poursaeedi (Reform UK)
Harrogate and Knaresborough
Tom Gordon (Liberal Democrats)
Paul Haslam (Independent)
Andrew Jones (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Stephen Douglas Metcalfe (Independent)
Shan Oakes (Green Party)
Jonathan Mark Swales (Reform UK)
Conrad James Whitcroft (Labour Party)
Harrow East
Reetendra Nath Banerji (Liberal Democrats)
Bob Blackman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Roger Clark (Reform UK)
Sabira Lakha (Independent)
Sebastian Newsam (Green Party)
Sarajulhaq Parwani (Workers Party of Britain)
Primesh Patel (Labour Party)
Harrow West
Michael Beavis (Reform UK)
Pamela Fitzpatrick (Independent)
Rupert Nepal George (Green Party)
Abbas Merali (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chris Noyce (Liberal Democrats)
Bharatkumar Ishverbhai Patel (Independent)
Gareth Thomas (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Jonathan Brash (Labour Party)
Tommy Dudley (Workers Party of Britain)
Sam Lee (Independent)
Peter Maughan (Liberal Democrats)
Jill Mortimer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Amanda Napper (Reform UK)
Vivienne Neville (Heritage Party)
Jeremy Spyby-Steanson (Green Party)
Harwich and North Essex
Andrew Lawrence Canessa (Green Party)
Mark Cole (Reform UK)
Alex Diner (Labour Party)
Bernard Jenkin (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Natalie Sommers (Liberal Democrats)
Hastings and Rye
Phil Colley (Workers Party of Britain)
Paul Edward Crosland (Independent)
Nicholas Davies (Communist Party of Britain)
Helena Dollimore (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Lucian Fernando (Reform UK)
Guy Gillan Harris (Liberal Democrats)
Sally-Ann Hart (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Becca Horn (Green Party)
Jennifer Nadia Alemanno (Workers Party of Britain)
Stefanie Harvey (Labour Party)
Alan Mak (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Perry (Reform UK)
Gayathri Sathyanath (Liberal Democrats)
Netty Shepherd (Green Party)
Hayes and Harlington
Alex Cunliffe (Liberal Democrats)
Rizwana Karim (Workers Party of Britain)
John McDonnell (Labour Party)
Dylan Thomas (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Francoise Thompson (Reform UK)
Christine West (Green Party)
Hazel Grove
Paul Athans (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Howard Kelly (Reform UK)
Tim O'Rourke (Social Democratic Party)
Graham Reid (Green Party)
Lisa Smart (Liberal Democrats)
Claire Vibert (Labour Party)
Hemel Hempstead
Sammy Barry-Mears (Liberal Democrats)
Sherief Hassan (Green Party)
David Taylor (Labour Party)
Noel Willcox (Reform UK)
Andrew Williams (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gabrielle Bailey (Green Party)
Clareine Enderby (Liberal Democrats)
Jane Gibson (Social Democratic Party)
Ameet Jogia (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Imtiaz Palekar (Workers Party of Britain)
Joshua Leon Pearl (Reform UK)
David Pinto-Duschinsky (Labour Party)
Ben Rend (Rejoin EU)
Henley and Thame
David Carpin (Independent)
Nanda Manley-Browne (Labour Party)
Freddie Van Mierlo (Liberal Democrats)
Caroline Newton (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Maryse Pomlett (Social Democratic Party)
Jo Robb (Green Party)
Peter Shields (Reform UK)
Hereford and South Herefordshire
Nigel Ely (Reform UK)
Joe Emmett (Labour Party)
Jesse Norman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dan Powell (Liberal Democrats)
Diana Toynbee (Green Party)
Mark Weaden (Independent)
Herne Bay and Sandwich
Thea Barrett (Green Party)
Angie Curwen (Liberal Democrats)
Roger Gale (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Amelia Randall (Reform UK)
Helen Elizabeth Whitehead (Labour Party)
Hertford and Stortford
John Burmicz (Reform UK)
Helen Campbell (Liberal Democrats)
Nick Cox (Green Party)
Josh Dean (Labour Party)
Jane Maria Fowler (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom)
Barry Hensall (Heritage Party)
Julie Marson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ray Bolster (Independent)
Oliver Dowden (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Humphries (Green Party)
Emma Matanle (Liberal Democrats)
Darren Bruce Selkus (Reform UK)
Josh Tapper (Labour Party)
William Clouston (Social Democratic Party)
Nick Cott (Liberal Democrats)
Nick Morphet (Green Party)
Joe Morris (Labour Party)
Guy Opperman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chris Whaley (Independent)
Heywood and Middleton North
Elsie Blundell (Labour Party)
Chris Furlong (Independent)
Steve Potter (Reform UK)
Tom Shaw (Liberal Democrats)
Laura-Beth Thompson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
High Peak
Joanna Wiehe Collins (Green Party)
Catherine Cullen (Reform UK)
Peter John Hirst (Liberal Democrats)
Robert Largan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jonathan Brian Pearce (Labour Party)
Hinckley and Bosworth
Peter Cheshire (Reform UK)
Luke Evans (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Harry Masters (Independent)
Michael Mullaney (Liberal Democrats)
Rebecca Pawley (Labour Party)
Cassie Wells (Green Party)
Bim Afolami (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Charles Spencer Bunker (Reform UK)
Sid Cordle (Christian Peoples Alliance)
William Lavin (Green Party)
Chris Lucas (Liberal Democrats)
Alistair Strathern (Labour Party)
Holborn and St Pancras
Nick the Incredible Flying Brick (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Charlie Clinton (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Feinstein (Independent)
Wais Islam (Independent)
Senthil Kumar (Independent)
Mehreen Malik (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Poynton (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Dave Roberts (Reform UK)
Tom Scripps (Socialist Equality Party)
Bobby "Elmo" Smith (Independent)
David Robert Stansell (Green Party)
Keir Starmer (Labour Party)
Honiton and Sidmouth
Jake Bonetta (Labour Party)
Vanessa Coxon (Independent)
Hazel Exon (Party Of Women)
Richard Foord (Liberal Democrats)
Henry Gent (Green Party)
Simon Jupp (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Quickenden (Reform UK)
Hornchurch and Upminster
Sunny Brar (Labour Party)
Melanie Collins (Green Party)
David Warren Durant (Independent)
Julia Lopez (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nicholas Palmer (Reform UK)
Ian Sanderson (Liberal Democrats)
Hornsey and Friern Barnet
Dawn Barnes (Liberal Democrats)
Naz Panju (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dino Philippos (Workers Party of Britain)
Navdeep Singh (Reform UK)
Helen Spiby-Vann (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Fabio Vollono (Green Party)
Catherine West (Labour Party)
Paul Abbott (Social Democratic Party)
Jim Duggan (The Peace Party - Non-violence, Justice, Environment)
James Michael Field (Labour Party)
Hugo Miller (Reform UK)
John Milne (Liberal Democrats)
Jeremy Quin (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Catherine Mary Ross (Green Party)
Houghton and Sunderland South
Richard Peter Bradley (Green Party)
Chris Burnicle (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Edgeworth (Liberal Democrats)
Bridget Phillipson (Labour Party)
Sam David Woods-Brass (Reform UK)
Hove and Portslade
Sophie Broadbent (Green Party)
Carline Deal (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Martin Hugo Hess (Reform UK)
Peter Kyle (Labour Party)
Tanushka Marah (Independent)
Michael Wang (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Cooper (Green Party)
Jan Alexander Dobrucki (Liberal Democrats)
Susan Laird (Reform UK)
Tony McGrath (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Harpreet Uppal (Labour Party)
Chan Abraham (Independent)
Mark Timothy Argent (Liberal Democrats)
Alex Bulat (Labour Party)
Georgie Hunt (Green Party)
Ben Obese-Jecty (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sarah Smith (Reform UK)
Sara Britcliffe (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mohammed Shabir Fazal (Green Party)
Richard John Oakley (Reform UK)
Sarah Smith (Labour Party)
Beth Waller-Slack (Liberal Democrats)
Ilford North
Rachel Collinson (Green Party)
Fraser Coppin (Liberal Democrats)
Leanne Mohamad (Independent)
Kaz Rizvi (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Wes Streeting (Labour Party)
Alex Wilson (Reform UK)
Ilford South
Jas Athwal (Labour Party)
Noor Jahan Begum (Independent)
Richard Clare (Liberal Democrats)
Raj Forhad (Reform UK)
Syed Siddiqi (Green Party)
Sayeed Syduzzaman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Golam Tipu (Workers Party of Britain)
Andy Walker (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Inverclyde and Renfrewshire West
John Burleigh (Independent)
Ronnie Cowan (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Iain Hamilton (Scottish Green Party)
Martin McCluskey (Labour Party)
Chris McEleny (Alba Party)
Simon Charles Wheeler Moorehead (Reform UK)
Ted Runciman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ross Stalker (Liberal Democrats)
Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire
Drew Hendry (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Dillan Hill (Reform UK)
Angus MacDonald (Liberal Democrats)
Peter Newman (Scottish Green Party)
Darren Paxton (Socialist Equality Party)
Michael Perera (Labour Party)
Ruraidh Stewart (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jack Simon Abbott (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Terence Kevin Charles (Heritage Party)
Tom Hunt (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tony Love (Reform UK)
Adria Pittock (Green Party)
James Sandbach (Liberal Democrats)
Freddie Sofar (Communist Party of Britain)
Isle of Wight East
Emily Brothers (Labour Party)
David Groocock (Independent)
Michael Lilley (Liberal Democrats)
Vix Lowthion (Green Party)
Sarah Morris (Reform UK)
Joe Robertson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Isle of Wight West
Cameron Palin (Green Party)
Ian Pickering (Reform UK)
Richard Quigley (Labour Party)
Bob Seely (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nick Stuart (Liberal Democrats)
Rachel Thacker (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom)
Islington North
Vikas Aggarwal (Liberal Democrats)
Jeremy Corbyn (Independent)
Karen Anne Harries (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Dominic Josling (Independent)
Sheridan Kates (Green Party)
Praful Nargund (Labour Party)
Martyn Nelson (Reform UK)
Islington South and Finsbury
Max Jefferson Nelson (Reform UK)
Jake Anthony Painter (Social Democratic Party)
Andrew Parry (Independent)
Carne Ross (Green Party)
Ethan Saunders (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Imogen Alice Sinclair (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Terry Stacy (Liberal Democrats)
Emily Thornberry (Labour Party)
Lesley Woodburn (Party Of Women)
Jarrow and Gateshead East
Lynda Alexander (Reform UK)
Mark Conway (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom)
Nic Cook (Green Party)
Jack Alexander Gebhard (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kate Osborne (Labour Party)
Jamie Rickelton (Liberal Democrats)
Keighley and Ilkley
Chris Adams (Liberal Democrats)
Dominic James Atlas (Yorkshire Party)
John Grogan (Labour Party)
Andrew Mark Judson (Reform UK)
Robbie Moore (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Vaz Shabir (Independent)
John Wood (Green Party)
Kenilworth and Southam
Alix Dearing (Green Party)
Paul Richard Charles De'Ath (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Nicholas Robert Blunderbuss Green (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Jacqui Harris (Reform UK)
Cat Price (Labour Party)
Jenny Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats)
Jeremy Wright (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kensington and Bayswater
Mona Abdulla Ishag Adam (Green Party)
Felicity Buchan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Marc Burca (Reform UK)
Emma Dent Coad (Independent)
William Houngbo (Liberal Democrats)
Emperor of India Prince Ankit Love (Independent)
Una Marie O'Mahony (Party Of Women)
Roger David Phillips (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Joe Powell (Labour Party)
John Stevens (Rejoin EU)
Jehad Soliman Aburamadan (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom)
Crispian George Besley (Reform UK)
Emily Fedorowycz (Green Party)
Jim Hakewill (Independent)
Philip Hollobone (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Matthew Murphy (Social Democratic Party)
Sarah Ryan (Liberal Democrats)
Rosie Wrighting (Labour Party)
Kilmarnock and Loudoun
Alan Brown (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Jordan David Cowie (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bex Glen (Scottish Green Party)
Lillian Jones (Labour Party)
Stephen McNamara (Independent)
William Thomson (Reform UK)
Ed Thornley (Liberal Democrats)
Kingston and Surbiton
Ali Abdulla (Workers Party of Britain)
A. Gent Chinners (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Debojyoti Das (Green Party)
Ed Davey (Liberal Democrats)
Helen Edward (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mark Fox (Reform UK)
Eunice O'Dame (Labour Party)
Yvonne Tracey (Kingston Independent Residents Group)
Kingston upon Hull East
Julia Brown (Green Party)
Neil Francis Hunter (Reform UK)
Bob Morgan (Liberal Democrats)
Kieran Persand (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Karl Turner (Labour Party)
Kingston upon Hull North and Cottingham
Martin Baker (Reform UK)
Ahmet Cinalp (Independent)
Rowan Adam Halstead (Yorkshire Party)
Kerry Elizabeth Harrison (Green Party)
Diana Johnson (Labour Party)
Pauline Peachey (Independent)
Callum Terence Procter (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Michael John Whale (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Craig Woolmer (Liberal Democrats)
Kingston upon Hull West and Haltemprice
Emma Hardy (Labour Party)
Linda Jane Johnson (Liberal Democrats)
Lucy Needham (Social Democratic Party)
Kevin Scott Paulson (Green Party)
Julie Peck (Reform UK)
Rachel Storer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kingswinford and South Staffordshire
Gulvinder Singh Bansal (Liberal Democrats)
Sally Benton (Labour Party)
Gary Andrew Dale (Reform UK)
Claire McIlvenna (Green Party)
Shaz Saleem (Independent)
Mike Wood (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alexander Hitchmough (Reform UK)
Patricia Jameson (Social Democratic Party)
Sherrie McDaid (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Anneliese Midgley (Labour Party)
Graham Padden (Workers Party of Britain)
Kate Tipton (Liberal Democrats)
Graham Wickens (Green Party)
Lagan Valley
Jonathan Buckley (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Robbie Butler (Ulster Unionist Party)
Patricia Denvir (Green Party)
Sorcha-Lucy Eastwood (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Simon Lee (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Lorna Smyth (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Lancaster and Wyre
Nigel Alderson (Reform UK)
Peter Gordon Cartridge (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jack Lenox (Green Party)
Matthew Severn (Liberal Democrats)
Cat Smith (Labour Party)
Leeds Central and Headingley
Chris Foren (Green Party)
Louie Fulton (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Chris Howley (Liberal Democrats)
Jennifer Jane Jackson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Owais Rajput (Workers Party of Britain)
Alex Sobel (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Rob Walker (Social Democratic Party)
Reggie Harry Wray (Reform UK)
Leeds East
Tobie Abel (Liberal Democrats)
Richard Burgon (Labour Party)
Catherine Dobson (Social Democratic Party)
David Dresser (Reform UK)
Sam Firth (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David Hough (Yorkshire Party)
Jennifer Norman (Green Party)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Pete Young (Independent)
Leeds North East
Gary Busuttil (Liberal Democrats)
Ian Cowling (Yorkshire Party)
Mike Davies (Alliance For Green Socialism)
Fabian Hamilton (Labour Party)
Stewart Hey (Climate Party)
Dawud Islam (Workers Party of Britain)
Louise Mary Jennings (Green Party)
Cordelia Frances Lynan (Social Democratic Party)
Chris G Nicholson (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Kieran White (Reform UK)
Chris Whiteside (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Leeds North West
Thomas Averre (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jayne Louise Bond (Reform UK)
Mick Bradley (Green Party)
Kathy Bushell (Social Democratic Party)
Bob Buxton (Yorkshire Party)
Ryk Downes (Liberal Democrats)
Katie White (Labour Party)
Leeds South
Muhammad Azeem (Workers Party of Britain)
Hilary Benn (Labour Party)
Janet Bickerdike (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Ed Carlisle (Green Party)
Karen Cooksley (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
George Sykes (Liberal Democrats)
Daniel Paul Whetstone (Social Democratic Party)
Leeds South West and Morley
Chris Bell (Green Party)
Howard Graham Dews (Yorkshire Party)
Michael Fox (Liberal Democrats)
Andrea Jenkyns (Conservative and Unionist Party)
James Kendall (Reform UK)
Nigel Perry (Social Democratic Party)
Mark Sewards (Labour Party)
Leeds West and Pudsey
Lee Anthony Farmer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ann Forsaith (Green Party)
Jamal El Kheir (Workers Party of Britain)
Darren James Longhorn (Yorkshire Party)
Rachel Reeves (Labour Party)
Dan Walker (Liberal Democrats)
Sasha Watson (Social Democratic Party)
Andrea Whitehead (Reform UK)
Leicester East
Malihah Adam (Independent)
Nagarjun Agath (Independent)
Rajesh Agrawal (Labour Party)
Zuffar Haq (Liberal Democrats)
Mags Lewis (Green Party)
Khandu Patel (Independent)
Shivani Raja (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Raj Solanki (Reform UK)
Keith Vaz (One Leicester)
Claudia Webbe (Independent)
Leicester South
Shockat Adam (Independent)
Ezechiel Adlore (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Osman Ghani Admani (Independent)
Jon Ashworth (Labour Party)
Ann Green (Communist Party of Britain)
Craig Harwood (Reform UK)
Gerri Hickton (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sharmen Rahman (Green Party)
Carol Weaver (Liberal Democrats)
Leicester West
Aasiya Bora (Green Party)
Max Chauhan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Benjamin Feist (Liberal Democrats)
Ian Edward Hayes (Reform UK)
Liz Kendall (Labour Party)
Rahoul Naik (One Leicester)
Steve Score (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Leigh and Atherton
Craig Buckley (English Democrats)
Amelia Jones (Green Party)
Jo Platt (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Stuart David Thomas (Liberal Democrats)
Michael William Winstanley (Conservative and Unionist Party)
George Woodward (Reform UK)
Bernard Peter Brown (Reform UK)
Maria Caulfield (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rowena Mary Easton (Social Democratic Party)
Paul Keene (Green Party)
James MacCleary (Liberal Democrats)
Danny Sweeney (Labour Party)
Lewisham East
Louise Brice (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Janet Daby (Labour Party)
Richard Galloway (Shared Ground)
Ruth Handyside (Reform UK)
Michael Herron (Green Party)
Steph Koffi (Workers Party of Britain)
Callum James Littlemore (Liberal Democrats)
Maureen Maud Martin (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Lewisham North
Mian Faisal Akbar (Workers Party of Britain)
Jean Branch (Liberal Democrats)
Vicky Foxcroft (Labour Party)
John Lloyd (Alliance For Green Socialism)
Nupur Majumdar (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Edward Powell (Reform UK)
Adam Pugh (Green Party)
Oliver Snelling (Communist Party of Britain)
Julia Tilford (Independent)
Lewisham West and East Dulwich
Callum Fowler (Green Party)
Katherine Hortense (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Josh Matthews (Liberal Democrats)
Marian Lynn Newton (Reform UK)
Ellie Reeves (Labour Party)
Gwenton Dennis Sloley (Workers Party of Britain)
Christine Wallace (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Leyton and Wanstead
Mahtab Anwar Aziz (Workers Party of Britain)
Calvin Bailey (Labour Party)
Simon Mark Bezer (Rejoin EU)
Tara Copeland (Liberal Democrats)
Gloria Croxall (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Shanell Johnson (Independent)
Charlotte Lafferty (Green Party)
David Kenton Sandground (Reform UK)
Michael Fabricant (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Richard Howard (Reform UK)
Pete Longman (Independent)
John Patrick Madden (Independent)
Heather Kirsty McNeillis (Green Party)
Paul Ray (Liberal Democrats)
Dave Robertson (Labour Party)
Laura Victoria Ashby (Independent)
Hamish Falconer (Labour Party)
Sally Anne Horscroft (Green Party)
Craig Marshall (Social Democratic Party)
Karl McCartney (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jamie-Lee McMillan (Reform UK)
Linda Richardson (Workers Party of Britain)
Charles William Shaw (The Liberal Party)
Clare Smalley (Liberal Democrats)
Liverpool Garston
Danny Bowman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Maria Eagle (Labour Party)
Sam Gorst (Liverpool Community Independents)
Kiera Alice Hubbard (Reform UK)
John Hyland (Liberal Democrats)
Jane Lawrence (Independent)
Muryam Saffia Aminah Sheikh (Green Party)
Frank Sweeney (Workers Revolutionary Party)
Alan Tormey (The Liberal Party)
Liverpool Riverside
Jane Kathryn Austin (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Roger Bannister (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Christopher Coughlan (Green Party)
Gary Hincks (Reform UK)
Kim Johnson (Labour Party)
Stephen McNally (National Health Action Party)
Rebecca Turner (Liberal Democrats)
Sean Robert Weaver (The Liberal Party)
Liverpool Walton
Sean Cadwallader (Liberal Democrats)
Dan Carden (Labour Party)
Joseph Doran (Reform UK)
Billy Lake (The Liberal Party)
Martyn Madeley (Green Party)
Emma Ware (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Liverpool Wavertree
Paula Barker (Labour Party)
Tom Crone (Green Party)
Elizabeth Charlotte Eagar (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mohamed Jaffar El Gadhy (Independent)
Adam Heatherington (Reform UK)
Rob McAllister-Bell (Liberal Democrats)
Joe Owens (Independent)
Ann San (Independent)
Liverpool West Derby
Jack Frederick Boyd (Reform UK)
Ian Byrne (Labour Party)
Maria Teresa Coughlan (Green Party)
Charlotte Jane Duthie (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kayleigh Halpin (Liberal Democrats)
Steve Radford (The Liberal Party)
Hannah Bardell (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Debbie Ewen (Alba Party)
Cameron Glasgow (Scottish Green Party)
Caron Lindsay (Liberal Democrats)
David McLennan (Reform UK)
Gregor Poynton (Labour Party)
Damian Timson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gareth Beer (Reform UK)
Rhodri Davies (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Charlie Evans (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nia Griffith (Labour Party)
Karen Laurence (Green Party)
Chris Passmore (Liberal Democrats)
Stan Robinson (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Lothian East
Douglas Alexander (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Robert Davies (Reform UK)
Duncan Dunlop (Liberal Democrats)
Scott Hamilton (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lyn Jardine (Scottish National Party (SNP))
George Kerevan (Alba Party)
Shona McIntosh (Scottish Green Party)
Jane Hunt (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Andy McWilliam (Reform UK)
Jeevun Sandher (Labour Party)
Ian Robert Sharpe (Liberal Democrats)
Hans Zollinger-Ball (Green Party)
Louth and Horncastle
Iconic Arty-Pole (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Victoria Atkins (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Hugill (Independent)
Sean Roger Matthews (Reform UK)
Marcus Moorehouse (Social Democratic Party)
Ross Pepper (Liberal Democrats)
Jonathan Slater (Labour Party)
Robert William Watson (Green Party)
Peter Aldous (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jessica Asato (Labour Party)
Toby Hammond (Green Party)
June Mummery (Reform UK)
Adam Robertson (Liberal Democrats)
Luton North
Waheed Akbar (Workers Party of Britain)
Jilleane Brown (Conservative and Unionist Party)
James Aaron Fletcher (Reform UK)
Ejel Khan (Green Party)
Sarah Owen (Labour Party)
Sean Prendergast (Liberal Democrats)
Toqueer Shah (Independent)
Paul Trathen (Social Democratic Party)
Luton South and South Bedfordshire
Edward Carpenter (Green Party)
Dominic Griffiths (Liberal Democrats)
Rachel Hopkins (Labour Party)
Norman MacLean (Reform UK)
Attiq Ahmed Malik (Independent)
Yasin Rehman (Workers Party of Britain)
Mark Anthony Gaius Versallion (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Broadhurst (Reform UK)
Neil Christian (Liberal Democrats)
Dickie Fletcher (Social Democratic Party)
Amanda Iremonger (Green Party)
Tim Roca (Labour Party)
David Rutley (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Christopher Wellavize (Independent)
Timothy Burt (Social Democratic Party)
Andrew Cooney (Green Party)
Qazi Yasir Irshad (Independent)
Tania Mathias (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Joshua Peter Reynolds (Liberal Democrats)
Jo Smith (Labour Party)
George Wright (Independent)
Maidstone and Malling
Gary Butler (British Democratic Party)
Maureen Cleator (Labour Party)
Helen Grant (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Stuart Robert Jeffery (Green Party)
Yolande Ann Kenward (Independent)
David Sandru Naghi (Liberal Democrats)
Paul Thomas (Reform UK)
Thomas Bryer (English Democrats)
Maria Holly Deery (Green Party)
Simon Finkelstein (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Robert F. Kenyon (Reform UK)
Josh Simons (Labour Party)
John Charles Skipworth (Liberal Democrats)
Simon Burwood (Liberal Democrats)
Isobel Jean Campbell Doubleday (Green Party)
Onike Gollo (Labour Party)
Pamela Kay Walford (Reform UK)
John Whittingdale (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Manchester Central
Ekua Bayunu (Green Party)
David Brown (Reform UK)
Parham Hashemi (Workers Party of Britain)
Albati Kalonda (Independent)
Sabeena Khan (Independent)
Sebastian Moore (Social Democratic Party)
Chris Northwood (Liberal Democrats)
Lucy Powell (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Caitriona Rylance (Communist Future)
Scott Smith (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Manchester Rusholme
Thirza Amina Asanga-Rae (Green Party)
Faraz Bhatti (Independent)
Mohhamed Bilal (Workers Party of Britain)
Peter Clifford (Communist League Election Campaign)
Afzal Khan (Labour Party)
Alexandra Marsanu (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Joel Patrick McGuigan (Reform UK)
Manchester Withington
Wendy Madeleine Andrew (Social Democratic Party)
Sam Easterby-Smith (Green Party)
Sarah Louise Garcia de Bustos (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lizzie Greenwood (Workers Party of Britain)
Richard Kilpatrick (Liberal Democrats)
Jeff Smith (Labour Party)
Kaine Keith Williams (Reform UK)
Zen Bilas (Independent)
Ben Bradley (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Peter Michael James Dean (Socialist Labour Party)
Wesley Milligan (Independent)
Karen Rachel Mary Seymour (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Philip Shields (Green Party)
Matt Warnes (Reform UK)
Michael Wyatt (Liberal Democrats)
Steve Yemm (Labour Party)
Melksham and Devizes
Malcolm John Cupis (Reform UK)
Michelle Donelan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Brian Mathew (Liberal Democrats)
Kerry Postlewhite (Labour Party)
Catherine Read (Green Party)
Melton and Syston
Edward Argar (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Marilyn Mary Gordon (Independent)
Zafran Khan (Labour Party)
Teck Khong (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom)
Andy Konieczko (Liberal Democrats)
Alastair McQuillan (Green Party)
Pete Morris (Reform UK)
Matt Shouler (Rejoin EU)
Meriden and Solihull East
Sarah Alan (Labour Party)
Saqib Bhatti (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Malcolm Ian Sedgley (Reform UK)
Shesh Sheshabhatter (Green Party)
Sunny Virk (Liberal Democrats)
Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare
Anthony Cole (Workers Party of Britain)
Bob Davenport (Communist Party of Britain)
Lorenzo de Gregori (Independent)
David Griffin (Green Party)
Amanda Jenner (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gerald Jones (Labour Party)
Jade Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Gareth Thomas (Reform UK)
Francis Whitefoot (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Mid Bedfordshire
Richard Brunning (Social Democratic Party)
Dave Holland (Reform UK)
Gareth Mackey (Independent)
Maahwish Mirza (Labour Party)
Stuart Roberts (Liberal Democrats)
Cade Sibley (Green Party)
Blake Stephenson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mid Buckinghamshire
Wisdom Methodious Da Costa (Climate Party)
Carissma Griffiths (Labour Party)
Stephanie Harwood (Reform UK)
Anja Schaefer (Liberal Democrats)
Greg Smith (Green Party)
Greg Smith (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Yvonne Wilding (Social Democratic Party)
Mid Cheshire
Helen Clawson (Independent)
Andrew Graham Cooper (Labour Party)
Charles Fifield (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mark Green (Green Party)
Emma Guy (Reform UK)
Stella Mellor (Independent)
Jack Price-Harbach (Liberal Democrats)
Mid Derbyshire
Jonathan Peter Tom Davies (Labour Party)
Stephen Dean (Reform UK)
Luke Gardiner (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Barry Holliday (Liberal Democrats)
Gez Kinsella (Green Party)
Josiah Uche (Workers Party of Britain)
Sue Warren (Independent)
Mid Dorset and North Poole
John Dowling (Social Democratic Party)
Candice Johnson-Cole (Labour Party)
Ben Pantling (Green Party)
Vikki Slade (Liberal Democrats)
Michael Tomlinson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mid Dunbartonshire
Amy Callaghan (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Lorna Dougall (Labour Party)
Ray James (Alba Party)
Alix Mathieson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David McNabb (Reform UK)
Susan Murray (Liberal Democrats)
Carolynn Scrimgeour (Scottish Green Party)
Mid Leicestershire
Peter Bedford (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ian Bradwell (Liberal Democrats)
Tony Deakin (Green Party)
Robert Martin (Labour Party)
Tom Smith (Reform UK)
Mid Norfolk
George Freeman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ash Haynes (Green Party)
Stuart Howard (Liberal Democrats)
Kabeer Kher (Reform UK)
Michael Rosen (Labour Party)
Mid Sussex
Kristy Lyn Adams (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alison Bennett (Liberal Democrats)
Gary Peter Johnson (Reform UK)
Deanna Nicholson (Green Party)
David Rowntree (Labour Party)
Baron Von Thunderclap (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Mid Ulster
Jay Basra (Ulster Unionist Party)
Keith Buchanan (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Padraic Farrell (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Alixandra Halliday (Aontú)
Denise Johnston (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
John Kelly (Independent)
Cathal Mallaghan (Sinn Féin)
Glenn Moore (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Mid and South Pembrokeshire
Hanna Andersen (Women's Equality Party)
Alistair Cameron (Liberal Democrats)
Stephen Crabb (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Stuart Marchant (Reform UK)
James Purchase (Green Party)
Vusi Siphika (Independent)
Cris Tomos (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Henry Tufnell (Labour Party)
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland
Simon Clarke (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jemma Joy (Liberal Democrats)
Rod Liddle (Social Democratic Party)
Rowan McLaughlin (Green Party)
Luke Myer (Labour Party)
Middlesbrough and Thornaby East
Mehmoona Ameen (Workers Party of Britain)
Mark Alan Baxtrem (Independent)
Kiran Fothergill (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Matthew Harris (Green Party)
Andy McDonald (Labour Party)
Patrick John Miles Seargeant (Reform UK)
Mo Waqas (Liberal Democrats)
Keith Cockburn (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Daniel Fraser (Scottish Libertarian Party)
Stefan Garbowski (Reform UK)
Ross Laird (Liberal Democrats)
Kirsty McNeill (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Owen Thompson (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Milton Keynes Central
Frances Bonney (Green Party)
James Cox (Liberal Democrats)
Emily Darlington (Labour Party)
Johnny Luk (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David Reilly (Reform UK)
Alfred Saint-Clair (Heritage Party)
Milton Keynes North
Chris Curtis (Labour Party)
Jane Anne Duckworth (Reform UK)
Ben Everitt (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alan Francis (Green Party)
Clare Hannah Tevlin (Liberal Democrats)
Mitcham and Morden
Des Coke (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Ellie Cox (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jenifer Ann Gould (Liberal Democrats)
Mehmood Jamshed (Workers Party of Britain)
Pippa Maslin (Green Party)
Siobhain McDonagh (Labour Party)
Ruth Price (Reform UK)
Ioan Bellin (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Ian Chandler (Green Party)
June Davies (True & Fair Party)
David Davies (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Catherine Fookes (Labour Party)
Owen Lewis (Independent)
Emma Meredith (Heritage Party)
Bill Powell (Liberal Democrats)
Max Windsor-Peplow (Reform UK)
Montgomeryshire and Glyndŵr
Jeremy Brignell-Thorp (Green Party)
Oliver Lewis (Reform UK)
Glyn Preston (Liberal Democrats)
Elwyn Vaughan (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Craig Williams (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Witherden (Labour Party)
Moray West, Nairn and Strathspey
Neil Alexander (Liberal Democrats)
Draeyk van der Horn (Scottish Green Party)
James Hynam (Labour Party)
Graham Leadbitter (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Euan Morrice (Scottish Family Party)
Kathleen Robertson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Skerrett (Reform UK)
Morecambe and Lunesdale
Lizzi Collinge (Labour Party)
Gina Dowding (Green Party)
Peter Jackson (Liberal Democrats)
David Morris (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Barry Parsons (Reform UK)
Motherwell, Wishaw and Carluke
Oyebola Ajala (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Hayley Bennie (Liberal Democrats)
Marion Fellows (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Gus Ferguson (British Unionist Party - B.U.P.)
Ross Hagen (Scottish Libertarian Party)
Robert McLaughlan (Reform UK)
Gordon Thomas Miller (Scottish Green Party)
Pamela Nash (Labour Party)
Neil Wilson (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Na h-Eileanan an Iar
Kenny Barker (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Donald Boyd (Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship")
Torcuil Crichton (Labour Party)
Jamie Dobson (Liberal Democrats)
Angus MacNeil (Independent)
Tony Ridden (Reform UK)
Susan Thomson (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Steven Welsh (Scottish Family Party)
Neath and Swansea East
Samantha Nida Chohan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Helen Ceri Clarke (Liberal Democrats)
Jan Dowden (Green Party)
Carolyn Harris (Labour Party)
Andrew John Jenkins (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Dai Richards (Reform UK)
New Forest East
Mad Hatter (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Simon King (Green Party)
Andrew David Knight (Animal Welfare Party)
Julian Lewis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sasjkia Otto (Labour Party)
Caroline Rackham (Liberal Democrats)
Roy Swales (Reform UK)
New Forest West
Reginald Chester-Sterne (Reform UK)
Anna Collar (Green Party)
Jack Davies (Liberal Democrats)
Sally Johnston (Labour Party)
Gavin Ridley (Animal Welfare Party)
Paul Simon (Social Democratic Party)
Desmond Swayne (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Michael Ackroyd (Green Party)
Saj Ahmad (Labour Party)
Adrian Charles Amer (Independent Network)
Matthew Darrington (English Democrats)
Lyn Galbraith (Independent)
Robert Jenrick (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Robert Palmer (Reform UK)
Collan Siddique (Workers Party of Britain)
David Watts (Liberal Democrats)
Liz Bell (Labour Party)
Lee Raymond James Dillon (Liberal Democrats)
Laura Farris (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Earl Jesse (Freedom Alliance)
Gary Edward Johnson (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Steve Masters (Green Party)
Doug Terry (Reform UK)
Newcastle upon Tyne Central and West
Ali Avaei (Liberal Democrats)
Frances Lasok (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ashton Hektor Muncaster (Reform UK)
Chi Onwurah (Labour Party)
John Pearson (Green Party)
Habib Rahman (Independent)
Yvonne Ridley (Independent)
Newcastle upon Tyne East and Wallsend
Muhammed Ghori (Workers Party of Britain)
Mary Glindon (Labour Party)
Rosie Hanlon (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Robert Malyn (Social Democratic Party)
Liz Panton (Party Of Women)
Emma-Jane Phillips (Communist Party of Britain)
Janice Richardson (Reform UK)
Mark Ridyard (Liberal Democrats)
Matt Williams (Green Party)
Newcastle upon Tyne North
Martin Paul Evison (Social Democratic Party)
Aidan John King (Liberal Democrats)
Deborah Ann Lorraine (Reform UK)
Catherine McKinnell (Labour Party)
Sarah Peters (Green Party)
Guy Renner-Thompson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
King Teare (Independent)
Jennifer Leigh Hibell (Green Party)
Adam Jogee (Labour Party)
Nigel Jones (Liberal Democrats)
Simon John Tagg (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Neill Walker (Reform UK)
Newport East
Pippa Bartolotti (Independent)
Rachel Egerton Buckler (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jonathan Clark (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Mike Ford (Heritage Party)
Lauren James (Green Party)
John Miller (Liberal Democrats)
Jessica Morden (Labour Party)
Tommy Short (Reform UK)
Newport West and Islwyn
George Etheridge (Independent)
Brandon Ham (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Mike Hamilton (Liberal Democrats)
Ruth Jones (Labour Party)
Nick Jones (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Taylor (Reform UK)
Kerry Ann Vosper (Green Party)
Newry and Armagh
Pete Byrne (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Dáire Hughes (Sinn Féin)
Sam Nicholson (Ulster Unionist Party)
Keith Ratcliffe (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Samantha Rayner (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Liam Reichenberg (Aontú)
Gareth Wilson (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Helena Young (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Newton Abbot
Jacob Cousens (Labour Party)
Annaliese Cude (Volt United Kingdom)
Chris Hilditch (Reform UK)
Anne Marie Morris (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Liam Mullone (South Devon Alliance)
Andre Sabine (Heritage Party)
Martin Wrigley (Liberal Democrats)
Pauline Wynter (Green Party)
Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor
Brian Agar (Transform Party)
Anne-Marie Curry (Liberal Democrats)
John Grant (Reform UK)
Paul Howell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jack Hughes (Green Party)
Alan Strickland (Labour Party)
Minhajul Suhon (Workers Party of Britain)
Normanton and Hemsworth
Callum Daniel Bushrod (Reform UK)
Craig Dobson (Liberal Democrats)
Alice Hopkin (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ashton Victor Howick (Green Party)
Jon Trickett (Labour Party)
North Antrim
Jim Allister (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Ian Paisley Jr (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Helen Maher (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Philip McGuigan (Sinn Féin)
Jackson Minford (Ulster Unionist Party)
Tristan Morrow (Independent)
Sian Mulholland (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Ráichéal Mhic Niocaill (Aontú)
North Ayrshire and Arran
Irene Campbell (Labour Party)
Gillian Cole-Hamilton (Liberal Democrats)
Todd Ferguson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Patricia Gibson (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Ian Gibson (Social Democratic Party)
Mike Mann (Reform UK)
James McDaid (Socialist Labour Party)
Cara McKee (Scottish Green Party)
North Bedfordshire
Pippa Clayton (Reform UK)
Philippa Fleming (Green Party)
Richard Fuller (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Uday Nagaraju (Labour Party)
Joanna Beata Szaub-Newton (Liberal Democrats)
North Cornwall
Sarah Farrell (Heritage Party)
Robyn Sara Harris (Labour Party)
Ben Maguire (Liberal Democrats)
Scott Mann (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rowland O'Connor (Reform UK)
Lance Symonds (Green Party)
North Cotswolds
Jean Annlyne Misseys Blackbeard (Independent)
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Richard Hodgkinson (Liberal Democrats)
Anna Mainwaring (Labour Party)
Jason Preece (Reform UK)
Chloe Isobel Turner (Green Party)
North Devon
Steve Cotten (Independent)
Nicky Edwards (Labour Party)
Nigel James (Reform UK)
Cas Lay (Green Party)
Ian Roome (Liberal Democrats)
Selaine Saxby (Conservative and Unionist Party)
North Dorset
Simon Adams (Independent)
James Coldwell (Labour Party)
Simon Hoare (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ken Huggins (Green Party)
Gary Jackson (Liberal Democrats)
Ash Leaning (Reform UK)
Lester Taylor (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Daniel Woodruffe (Social Democratic Party)
North Down
Chris Carter (Independent)
Tim Collins (Ulster Unionist Party)
Alex Easton (Independent)
Stephen Farry (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Barry McKee (Green Party)
Déirdre Vaughan (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
North Durham
Luke Akehurst (Labour Party)
Chris Bradburn (Workers Party of Britain)
George William Carter (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tom Chittenden (Social Democratic Party)
Andrew Husband (Reform UK)
Craig Martin (Liberal Democrats)
Sunny Moon-Schott (Green Party)
North East Cambridgeshire
Steve Barclay (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David Chalmers (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Crawford (Green Party)
Javeria Hussain (Labour Party)
David Roy Patrick (Independent)
Clayton Maxwell Payne (Workers Party of Britain)
Christopher Thornhill (Reform UK)
North East Derbyshire
Frank Adlington-Stringer (Green Party)
Andy Egginton (Reform UK)
Louise Elizabeth Jones (Labour Party)
Wesley Massumbukolt (Freedom Alliance)
Lee Rowley (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ross Shipman (Liberal Democrats)
North East Fife
Bill Bowman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Wendy Chamberlain (Liberal Democrats)
Jennifer Gallagher (Labour Party)
Stefan Hoggan-Radu (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Morven Ovenstone-Jones (Scottish Green Party)
Matthew Wren (Reform UK)
North East Hampshire
Alex Brewer (Liberal Democrats)
Howling 'Laud' Hope (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Ranil Malcolm Jayawardena (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mohamed Miah (Green Party)
Paul Morton (Reform UK)
Bradley David Phillips (Labour Party)
Duncan Philip Stone (Hampshire Independents)
Alex Zychowski (Libertarian Party)
North East Hertfordshire
Steve Adelantado (Reform UK)
Ruth Brown (Liberal Democrats)
Vicky Burt (Green Party)
Nikki Da Costa (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chris Hinchliff (Labour Party)
North East Somerset and Hanham
Barmy Brunch (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Edmund Cannon (Green Party)
Nicholas Hales (Independent)
Paul MacDonnell (Reform UK)
Dan Norris (Labour Party)
Jacob Rees-Mogg (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dine Romero (Liberal Democrats)
North Herefordshire
Jon Browning (Labour Party)
Ellie Chowns (Green Party)
Andrew Dye (Reform UK)
Michael Guest (Social Democratic Party)
Cat Hornsey (Liberal Democrats)
Bill Wiggin (Conservative and Unionist Party)
North Norfolk
Steffan Aquarone (Liberal Democrats)
Duncan Baker (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach (Labour Party)
Elizabeth Anne Dixon (Green Party)
Jason Malcolm Patchett (Reform UK)
North Northumberland
Katherine Hales (Reform UK)
Georgina Emma Rowley Hill (Independent)
Michael Anthony Joyce (Independent)
Andrew Martin (Social Democratic Party)
Jan Rosen (Green Party)
David Smith (Labour Party)
Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Natalie Younes (Liberal Democrats)
North Shropshire
Simon Baynes (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Samuel Cladingbowl (Independent)
Craig David Emery (Green Party)
Helen Morgan (Liberal Democrats)
Natalie Rowley (Labour Party)
Mark Whittle (Reform UK)
North Somerset
Sadik Al-Hassan (Labour Party)
Suneil Basu (Workers Party of Britain)
Ash Cartman (Liberal Democrats)
Liam Fox (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alexander Kokkinoftas (Reform UK)
Oscar Livesey Lodwick (Green Party)
North Warwickshire and Bedworth
Guy Burchett (Liberal Democrats)
Paul Hopkins (Reform UK)
Rachel Margaret Taylor (Labour Party)
Craig Tracey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alison Wilson (Green Party)
North West Cambridgeshire
Sam Carling (Labour Party)
James Sidlow (Reform UK)
Bridget Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Elliot Alister Tong (Green Party)
Shailesh Vara (Conservative and Unionist Party)
North West Essex
Kemi Badenoch (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Erik Bonino (Independent)
Edward Gildea (Green Party)
Andrew David Green (Independent)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Smita Rajesh (Liberal Democrats)
Grant StClair-Armstrong (Reform UK)
Issy Waite (Labour Party)
North West Hampshire
Andy Fitchet (Labour Party)
Luigi Gregori (Liberal Democrats)
Phil Heath (Hampshire Independents)
Kit Malthouse (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Andrew Meacham (Reform UK)
Hina West (Green Party)
North West Leicestershire
Carl Benfield (Green Party)
Andrew Bridgen (Independent)
Alice Delemare (Liberal Democrats)
Siobhan Dillon (Independent)
Amanda Hack (Labour Party)
Noel Matthews (Reform UK)
Craig Smith (Conservative and Unionist Party)
North West Norfolk
Rob Colwell (Liberal Democrats)
Tim Leaver (Labour Party)
Phil Walton (Reform UK)
Michael de Whalley (Green Party)
James Wild (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Northampton North
Antony Antoniou (Reform UK)
Eishar Kaur Bassan (Green Party)
Dan Bennett (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Leslie Clark (Independent)
Christopher Gordon Leggett (Liberal Democrats)
Khalid Razzaq (Workers Party of Britain)
Lucy Rigby (Labour Party)
Northampton South
Jill Susan Hope (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Iain Lewer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tony Owens (Reform UK)
Mike Reader (Labour Party)
Katie Simpson (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Simon Sneddon (Green Party)
Penelope Lucy Tollitt (Climate Party)
Norwich North
Chika Akinwale (Liberal Democrats)
Fiona Ruth Grace (Independent)
Alice Macdonald (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Ben Price (Green Party)
Charlotte Domonique Salomon (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nick Taylor (Reform UK)
Norwich South
Sean Timothy Bennett (Liberal Democrats)
Graham Burton (Reform UK)
Elizabeth Ashley Davey (Independent)
Linda Jane Law (Party Of Women)
Clive Lewis (Labour Party)
Jamie Osborn (Green Party)
David Thomas (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nottingham East
Issan Ghazni (Workers Party of Britain)
Ali Khan (Independent)
Johno Lee (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rosey Palmer (Green Party)
Anita Prabhakar (Liberal Democrats)
Naveed Rashid (Independent)
Debbie Stephens (Reform UK)
Nadia Whittome (Labour Party)
Nottingham North and Kimberley
Sam Harvey (Green Party)
Caroline Henry (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Golam Kadiri (Reform UK)
Alex Norris (Labour and Co-operative Party)
David Reuben Schmitz (Liberal Democrats)
Nottingham South
Shaghofta Naz Akhtar (Independent)
Paras Ghazni (Workers Party of Britain)
Lilian Greenwood (Labour Party)
Mykel Hedge (Reform UK)
Christina Morgan-Danvers (Liberal Democrats)
Zarmeena Abdul Quraishi (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Dr Mohammed Sayeed (Independent)
Cath Sutherland (Green Party)
Jodie Gosling (Labour Party)
John Robert Homer (Workers Party of Britain)
Rob Howard (Reform UK)
Marcus Jones (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Keith Kondakor (Green Party)
Joy Temitayo Salaja (Liberal Democrats)
Old Bexley and Sidcup
Brad Davies (Green Party)
Maxine Fothergill (Reform UK)
Louie French (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett (Liberal Democrats)
Edward Jones (Labour Party)
Andrew Still (Independent)
Laurent Williams (Rejoin EU)
Oldham East and Saddleworth
Debbie Abrahams (Labour Party)
Sam Al-Hamdani (Liberal Democrats)
Jacob Barden (Reform UK)
Nick Buckley (Independent)
Paul Boots Errock (Independent)
Tom Fish (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Fesl Reza-Khan (Green Party)
Shanaz Saddique (Workers Party of Britain)
Oldham West, Chadderton and Royton
Zaffar Iqbal (Independent)
Hannah Kitching (Liberal Democrats)
Horatio Lovering (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jim McMahon (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Raja Miah (Independent)
David Silbiger (Reform UK)
Samsuzzaman Syed (Green Party)
Tony Wilson (Independent)
Orkney and Shetland
Alex Armitage (Scottish Green Party)
Alistair Carmichael (Liberal Democrats)
Robert Leslie (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Shane Painter (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Conor Savage (Labour Party)
Robert Smith (Reform UK)
Gareth Bacon (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Hunter Bright (Social Democratic Party)
Graeme Casey (Liberal Democrats)
Mark Bradley James (Reform UK)
Seamus McCauley (Green Party)
Ju Owens (Labour Party)
Ossett and Denby Dale
Jade Botterill (Labour Party)
Neil Doig (Green Party)
Mark Eastwood (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David John Rowntree Herdson (Yorkshire Party)
Sandra Senior (Reform UK)
James Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats)
Oxford East
Benjamin Adams (Social Democratic Party)
Amir Steve Ali (Independent)
Louise Brown (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sushila Dhall (Green Party)
Anneliese Dodds (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Brandon Luke French (Workers Revolutionary Party)
David Henwood (Independent Oxford Alliance)
Theo Jupp (Liberal Democrats)
Katherine Mary Longthorp (Party Of Women)
Zaid Marham (Workers Party of Britain)
Jabu Nala-Hartley (Independent)
Andrew Smith (Rejoin EU)
Oxford West and Abingdon
Anni Byard (Social Democratic Party)
Chris Goodall (Green Party)
James Gunn (Reform UK)
Layla Moran (Liberal Democrats)
Josh Phillips (Independent)
Vinay Raniga (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ian Oliver Michael Shelley (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Stephen Webb (Labour Party)
Paisley and Renfrewshire North
Jen Bell (Scottish Green Party)
David McGonigle (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gavin Andrew Stuart Newlands (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Andrew Scott (Reform UK)
Alison Suzanne Watt Taylor (Labour Party)
Grant Toghill (Liberal Democrats)
Paisley and Renfrewshire South
Johanna Baxter (Labour Party)
Athol Bond (Scottish Green Party)
Jacqueline Cameron (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Jack Clark (Liberal Democrats)
Alec Leishman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Mack (Independent)
Jim McIlroy (Reform UK)
Mark Turnbull (Freedom Alliance)
Jennifer Blake (Independent)
Miatta Fahnbulleh (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Stefan David Harvey (Independent)
Mariatu Kargbo (Workers Revolutionary Party)
Alex Kerr (Rejoin EU)
Ben Mascall (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Olusola Oni (The Yoruba Party in the UK)
Linda Purcell (Reform UK)
Claire Frances Sheppard (Green Party)
David Watson (Liberal Democrats)
Pendle and Clitheroe
Victoria Anne Fletcher (Reform UK)
Anna Corrina Fryer (Liberal Democrats)
Syed Muarif Hashmi (Workers Party of Britain)
Jonathan James Hinder (Labour Party)
Tony Johnson (Independent)
Zulfikar Khan (Independent)
Lex Kristan (Green Party)
Andrew Stephenson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Christopher Thompson (Rejoin EU)
Penistone and Stocksbridge
Miriam Cates (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Andy Davies (Green Party)
Edward Dillingham (Reform UK)
Rob Reiss (Liberal Democrats)
Marie Tidball (Labour Party)
Penrith and Solway
Julia Aglionby (Liberal Democrats)
Markus Campbell-Savours (Labour Party)
Susan Denham-Smith (Green Party)
Roy Ivinson (Independent)
Mark Jenkinson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chris Johnston (Independent)
Shaun Long (Social Democratic Party)
Matthew Moody (Reform UK)
Perth and Kinross-shire
Amanda Clark (Liberal Democrats)
Graham Cox (Labour Party)
Luke Graham (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sally Hughes (Independent)
Helen McDade (Reform UK)
Pete Wishart (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Paul Bristow (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nicola Day (Green Party)
Amjad Hussain (Workers Party of Britain)
Zahid Ejaz Khan (Independent)
Sue Morris (Reform UK)
Andrew Pakes (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Tom Rogers (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Nick Sandford (Liberal Democrats)
Plymouth Moor View
Shaun Hooper (Reform UK)
Sarah Martin (Liberal Democrats)
Johnny Mercer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Georgia Nelson (Green Party)
Fred Thomas (Labour Party)
Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Peter Gold (Reform UK)
Holly Greenberry-Pullen (Liberal Democrats)
Robert Oliver Hawkins (Socialist Labour Party)
Cam Hayward (Green Party)
Guy Haywood (Workers Party of Britain)
Alex Moore (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Luke Pollard (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Chaz Singh (Independent)
Gareth Streeter (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Pontefract, Castleford and Knottingley
Yvette Cooper (Labour Party)
Trevor Lake (Social Democratic Party)
Jamie Luke Needle (Liberal Democrats)
John Thomas (Reform UK)
Olli Watkins (Green Party)
Laura Weldon (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Bayliss (Reform UK)
Joe Biddulph (Independent)
Jonathan Bishop (Independent)
Alex Davies-Jones (Labour Party)
Angela Karadog (Green Party)
David Mathias (Liberal Democrats)
Wayne Owen (Independent)
Wil Rees (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Jack Robson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Leanne Barnes (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Joe Cronin (Independent)
Andrei Silviu Dragotoniu (Reform UK)
Neil John Duncan-Jordan (Labour Party)
Robert Syms (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Oliver John Walters (Liberal Democrats)
Sarah Catherine Ward (Green Party)
Poplar and Limehouse
Apsana Begum (Labour Party)
Nathalie Bienfait (Green Party)
Freddie Downing (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Richard Flowers (Liberal Democrats)
Tony Glover (Reform UK)
Ehtashamul Haque (Independent)
Kamran Khan (Workers Party of Britain)
Manny Lawal (Social Democratic Party)
Portsmouth North
Simon Dodd (Liberal Democrats)
Amanda Martin (Labour Party)
Penny Mordaunt (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Duncan Stuart Robinson (Green Party)
Mel Todd (Reform UK)
Portsmouth South
Signe Andrea Biddle (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Elliott Lee (Green Party)
Stephen Morgan (Labour Party)
Charlie Murphy (Liberal Democrats)
Jacob Lee Short (Portsmouth Independent Party)
Mark Zimmer (Reform UK)
Yousuf Mohamed Ibrahim Bhailok (Independent)
David Brooks (Alliance for Democracy and Freedom)
Neil Darby (Liberal Democrats)
James Elliot (Reform UK)
Trevor Michael Hart (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mark Hendrick (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Derek Killeen (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Michael Lavalette (Independent)
Isabella Metcalf-Riener (Green Party)
Joseph O'Meachair (Rejoin EU)
Fleur Anderson (Labour Party)
Felix Burford-Connole (Rejoin EU)
Peter Hunter (Reform UK)
Heiko Khoo (Workers Party of Britain)
Kieren McCarthy (Liberal Democrats)
Fergal Joseph McEntee (Green Party)
Lee Jamie Roberts (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Queen's Park and Maida Vale
Helen Baxter (Liberal Democrats)
Angela Michelle Carter-Begbie (Reform UK)
Abdulla Janmohamed Dharamsi (Independent)
Georgia Gould (Labour Party)
Samia Hersi (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Vivien Lichtenstein (Green Party)
Irakli Menabde (Workers Party of Britain)
Rawmarsh and Conisbrough
Oliver Harvey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Healey (Labour Party)
Tom Hill (Green Party)
Paul Horton (Liberal Democrats)
Robert Redfern Watson (Workers Party of Britain)
Adam Wood (Reform UK)
Rayleigh and Wickford
Mark Francois (Conservative and Unionist Party)
James Hedges (Labour Party)
Stewart Adrian Mott (Liberal Democrats)
Grant Robert Joseph Randall (Reform UK)
Chris Taylor (Green Party)
Reading Central
Adam Wayne Joseph Gillman (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Dave McElroy (Green Party)
Matt Rodda (Labour Party)
Raj Singh (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Michael Jeffrey Turberville (Independent)
Andrew Williams (Reform UK)
Henry David Wright (Liberal Democrats)
Reading West and Mid Berkshire
Adrian Neil Abbs (Independent)
Olivia Bailey (Labour Party)
Helen Belcher (Liberal Democrats)
Kate Bosley (Reform UK)
Carolyne Culver (Green Party)
Ross Mackinnon (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Adie Peppiatt (Independent)
Gary Conlin (Social Democratic Party)
John Davies (Reform UK)
Ruth Hatton (Green Party)
Chris Jones (Liberal Democrats)
Anna Turley (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Jacob Young (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Julie Allison (Reform UK)
Amin (Workers Party of Britain)
Christopher James Bloore (Labour Party)
Andrew Paul Fieldsend-Roxborough (Liberal Democrats)
Rachel Maclean (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David Frank Oliver Thain (Green Party)
Stuart Brady (Labour Party)
Jonathan Essex (Green Party)
Joseph Brian Fox (Reform UK)
Mark Johnston (Liberal Democrats)
Rebecca Paul (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rhondda and Ogmore
Chris Bryant (Labour Party)
Owen Cutler (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Gerald Francis (Liberal Democrats)
Christine Glossop (Green Party)
Darren James (Reform UK)
Adam Robinson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ribble Valley
Qasim Ajmi (Independent)
John Carroll (Reform UK)
Maya Ellis (Labour Party)
Nigel Evans (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Caroline Montague (Green Party)
John Potter (Liberal Democrats)
Richmond Park
Laura Coryton (Labour Party)
Chris French (The Mitre TW9)
Sara Gezdari (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Richard Harrison (Social Democratic Party)
Michael Hearn (Reform UK)
Sarah Olney (Liberal Democrats)
Chas Warlow (Green Party)
Richmond and Northallerton
Jason Barnett (Independent)
Count Binface (Count Binface Party)
Daniel George Callaghan (Liberal Democrats)
Angie Campion (Independent)
Louise Anne Dickens (Workers Party of Britain)
Kevin Foster (Green Party)
Rio Goldhammer (Yorkshire Party)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Brian Neil Richmond (Independent)
Sir Archibald Stanton (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Rishi Sunak (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lee Martin Taylor (Reform UK)
Tom Wilson (Labour Party)
Paul Ellison (Conservative and Unionist Party)
George Galloway (Workers Party of Britain)
Michael Howard (Reform UK)
Andy Kelly (Liberal Democrats)
Martyn Savin (Green Party)
Paul Waugh (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Rochester and Strood
Peter Richard Ede Burch (Heritage Party)
Graham Colley (Liberal Democrats)
Daniel Dabin (Reform UK)
Lauren Rae Edwards (Labour Party)
John Innes (Workers Party of Britain)
Cat Jamieson (Green Party)
Kelly Tolhurst (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Andrew Achilleos (Labour Party)
Colin Birch (English Constitution Party)
Thomas Clarke (Liberal Democrats)
David Hughes (Green Party)
Philip Joseph Hyde (Reform UK)
Zhafaran Qayum (Workers Party of Britain)
Andrew Rosindell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Romsey and Southampton North
Paul Barrett (Reform UK)
Geoff Cooper (Liberal Democrats)
Christie Lambert (Labour Party)
Caroline Nokes (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Connor Edward Shaw (Green Party)
Fennie Yap (Independent)
Rossendale and Darwen
Tayab Ali (Workers Party of Britain)
Bob Bauld (Green Party)
Jake Berry (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rowan Fitton (Liberal Democrats)
Andy MacNae (Labour Party)
Daniel Matchett (Reform UK)
Rother Valley
Tony Harrison (Reform UK)
Paul Neville Martin (Green Party)
Jake Richards (Labour Party)
Alexander Stafford (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Colin David Taylor (Liberal Democrats)
Ishtiaq Ahmad (Independent)
David Atkinson (Yorkshire Party)
Adam Jonathon Carter (Liberal Democrats)
Sarah Champion (Labour Party)
John Paul Cronly (Reform UK)
Taukir Iqbal (Workers Party of Britain)
Tony Mabbott (Green Party)
Yousef Dahmash (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Richard Dickson (Liberal Democrats)
Devenne Taylor Kedward (Reform UK)
John Anthony Slinger (Labour Party)
Becca Stevenson (Green Party)
Anand Prakash Swayamprakasam (Independent)
Mark Anthony Townsend (Independent)
Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner
Jonathan Michael Banks (Liberal Democrats)
Tony Gill (Labour Party)
Jess Lee (Green Party)
Ian Price (Reform UK)
David Simmonds (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Runcorn and Helsby
Mike Amesbury (Labour Party)
Danny Clarke (The Liberal Party)
Chris Copeman (Green Party)
Jade Marsden (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jason Moorcroft (Reform UK)
Paul Murphy (Social Democratic Party)
Chris Rowe (Liberal Democrats)
Runnymede and Weybridge
Michael Kenneth Cressey (Independent)
Robert King (Labour Party)
Stewart Mark Mackay (Reform UK)
Ellen Nicholson (Liberal Democrats)
Steve Ringham (Green Party)
Ben Spencer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nicholas Wood (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Ruth Edwards (Conservative and Unionist Party)
James Grice (Reform UK)
Lynn Irving (Independent)
Richard Mallender (Green Party)
James William Naish (Labour Party)
Harbant Kaur Sehra (Independent)
Greg Webb (Liberal Democrats)
Gloria Adebo (Liberal Democrats)
Bill Bonnar (Scottish Socialist Party)
Gary Burns (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Andrew Vincent Daly (Independent)
Jim Eadie (Alba Party)
Katy Loudon (Scottish National Party (SNP))
John McArthur (Scottish Family Party)
Michael Shanks (Labour Party)
David Stark (Reform UK)
Rutland and Stamford
Emma Louise Baker (Green Party)
Joanna Burrows (Rejoin EU)
Chris Clowes (Reform UK)
Alicia Kearns (Conservative and Unionist Party)
James Moore (Liberal Democrats)
Joe Wood (Labour Party)
Mustafa Abdullah (Workers Party of Britain)
Jake Austin (Liberal Democrats)
Stephen James Lewthwaite (Social Democratic Party)
Rebecca Long-Bailey (Labour Party)
Wendy Olsen (Green Party)
Hilary Jane Scott (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Keith Whalley (Reform UK)
Matt Aldridge (Labour Party)
Victoria Charleston (Liberal Democrats)
John Glen (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chris Harwood (Climate Party)
Julian Malins (Reform UK)
Barney Norris (Green Party)
Arthur Pendragon (Independent)
Scarborough and Whitby
David Bowes (Reform UK)
Lee Francis Derrick (Yorkshire Party)
Thomas Peter Foster (Social Democratic Party)
Annette Hudspeth (Green Party)
Alison Hume (Labour Party)
Asa Joe Benjamin Jones (Social Justice Party)
Robert Lockwood (Liberal Democrats)
Roberto Weeden-Sanz (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Cahal Burke (Liberal Democrats)
Dr Abdul R Butt (Independent)
Nick Cox (Green Party)
Scott Curtis (Heritage Party)
Nicholas Dakin (Labour Party)
Darren Haley (Reform UK)
Holly Mumby-Croft (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sefton Central
Marcus Bleasdale (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nagender Chindam (Reform UK)
Kieran Dams (Green Party)
Bill Esterson (Labour Party)
Ralph Norgate James (Independent)
Gareth Lloyd-Johnson (Liberal Democrats)
David John Burns (Reform UK)
Keir Mather (Labour Party)
Angela Oldershaw (Green Party)
Charles Richardson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Christian Vassie (Liberal Democrats)
Adam Hibbert (Social Democratic Party)
Elwyn Lloyd Jones (Rejoin EU)
Laura Marie Manston (Green Party)
James Milmine (Reform UK)
Denise Roseanna Scott-McDonald (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Richard Giles Streatfeild (Liberal Democrats)
Laura Trott (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough
Maxine Bowler (Independent)
Gill Furniss (Labour Party)
Aaron Jacob (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Christine Gilligan Kubo (Green Party)
Will Sapwell (Liberal Democrats)
Jeremy Turner (Social Democratic Party)
Mark Tyler (Workers Party of Britain)
Sheffield Central
Angela Argenzio (Green Party)
Sam Christmas (Liberal Democrats)
Isabelle Amy France (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Caitlin Hardy (Workers Party of Britain)
Abtisam Mohamed (Labour Party)
Lucy Stephenson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Annie Stoker (Social Democratic Party)
Alison Clare Teal (Independent)
Sheffield Hallam
Olivia Blake (Labour Party)
Sam Chapman (Rejoin EU)
Andrew Hudson Cowell (Social Democratic Party)
Isaac Howarth (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jason Leman (Green Party)
Shaffaq Mohammed (Liberal Democrats)
Mo Moui-Tabrizy (Workers Party of Britain)
Sheffield Heeley
Rebecca Atkinson (Liberal Democrats)
Alexi Dimond (Green Party)
Louise Haigh (Labour Party)
Helen Claire Jackman (Social Democratic Party)
Lorna Dorothy Maginnis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Louise McDonald (Party Of Women)
Steven Roy (Workers Party of Britain)
Mick Suter (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Sheffield South East
Clive Betts (Labour Party)
Jack Carrington (Independent)
Caroline Kampila (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Matthew Leese (Social Democratic Party)
Hannah Nicklin (Green Party)
Muzafar Rahman (Workers Party of Britain)
Sophie Jane Thornton (Liberal Democrats)
Sherwood Forest
David Dobbie (Liberal Democrats)
Sheila Greatrex-White (Green Party)
Helen Rose O'Hare (Reform UK)
Mark Spencer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jeremy Paul Spry (Independent)
Lee Waters (Independent)
Michelle Welsh (Labour Party)
Simon Dandy (Reform UK)
Philip Davies (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Anna Dixon (Labour Party)
Will Grant (Yorkshire Party)
Waqas Ali Khan (Workers Party of Britain)
Darryl Neale Morton-Wright (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Nagbea (Independent)
Graham Reed (Liberal Democrats)
Paul Shkurka (Social Democratic Party)
Kevin Warnes (Green Party)
Victor Charles David Applegate (Reform UK)
Chris Bovill (English Democrats)
Julia Buckley (Labour Party)
Julian Dean (Green Party)
James Grimshaw Gollins (Independent)
Daniel Kawczynski (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alex Wagner (Liberal Democrats)
Sittingbourne and Sheppey
Mike Baldock (Swale Independents)
Sam Banks (Green Party)
Matt Brown (Independent)
Aisha Cuthbert (Conservative and Unionist Party)
William Fotheringham-Bray (Reform UK)
Frances Kneller (Liberal Democrats)
Kevin McKenna (Labour Party)
Mad Mike Young (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Skipton and Ripon
Malcolm Birks (Labour Party)
Andy Brown (Green Party)
Simon Garvey (Reform UK)
Ryan Kett (Yorkshire Party)
Andrew Murday (Liberal Democrats)
Guy Phoenix (Heritage Party)
Julian Smith (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Keith Graham Tordoff (Independent)
Sleaford and North Hykeham
Martin Blake (Green Party)
Ben Jackson (Reform UK)
Caroline Johnson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Hanif Ahmad Khan (Labour Party)
Robert Arthur Oates (Lincolnshire Independents Lincolnshire First)
Matthew Winnington (Liberal Democrats)
Azhar Iqbal Chohan (Independent Network)
Diana Victoria Coad (Independent)
Tan Dhesi (Labour Party)
Julian Edmonds (Green Party)
Robin Jackson (Reform UK)
Chandra Sekhar Muvvala (Independent)
Moni Kaur Nanda (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Adnan Shabbir (Workers Party of Britain)
Jaswinder Singh (Independent)
Nick Smith (Heritage Party)
Chelsea Whyte (Liberal Democrats)
Jay Anandou (Independent)
Ravaldeep Bath (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Pete Durnell (Reform UK)
Kate Fairhurst (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Christopher Alexander Graham (Independent)
Gurinder Singh Josan (Labour Party)
Roderick MacRorie (Green Party)
Oliver Patrick (Liberal Democrats)
Nahim Rubani (Workers Party of Britain)
Solihull West and Shirley
Ade Adeyemo (Liberal Democrats)
Deirdre Fox (Labour Party)
Julian Knight (Independent)
Mary Ann McKenna (Reform UK)
Max McLoughlin (Green Party)
Neil Shastri-Hurst (Conservative and Unionist Party)
South Antrim
John Blair (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Paul Girvan (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Declan Kearney (Sinn Féin)
Mel Lucas (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Roisin Lynch (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Siobhán McErlean (Aontú)
Robin Swann (Ulster Unionist Party)
Lesley Veronica (Green Party)
South Basildon and East Thurrock
Simon Breedon (Social Democratic Party)
Steven Robert Burnett (Independent)
Jack Ferguson (Labour Party)
Elizabeth Grant (Green Party)
James McMurdock (Reform UK)
Stephen Metcalfe (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Neil Speight (Independent)
Dave Thomas (Liberal Democrats)
South Cambridgeshire
Chris Carter-Chapman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Harrison Edwards (Reform UK)
Miranda Fyfe (Green Party)
James Gordon (Independent)
Pippa Heylings (Liberal Democrats)
Luke Viner (Labour Party)
South Cotswolds
Zoë Billingham (Labour Party)
Martin Broomfield (Social Democratic Party)
Bob Eastoe (Green Party)
James Gray (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Owen Humphrys (Independent)
Desi Latimer (Reform UK)
Roz Savage (Liberal Democrats)
Sandy Steel (Independent)
Chris Twells (The Liberal Party)
South Derbyshire
Lucy Care (Liberal Democrats)
Aruhan Galieva (Green Party)
Paul Liversuch (Socialist Labour Party)
Samantha Niblett (Labour Party)
Job West (Reform UK)
Heather Wheeler (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Amy Wheelton (Independent)
South Devon
Michael Bagley (Reform UK)
Robert Bagnall (Green Party)
Becca Collings (Heritage Party)
Anthony Mangnall (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Daniel Steel (Labour Party)
Caroline Voaden (Liberal Democrats)
South Dorset
Matt Bell (Liberal Democrats)
Catherine Bennett (Green Party)
Richard Drax (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lloyd Hatton (Labour Party)
Giovanna Lewis (Independent)
Rosie Frisby Morrell (Independent)
Joy Heather Wilson (Independent)
Morgan Tara Young (Reform UK)
South Down
Diane Forsythe (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Chris Hazzard (Sinn Féin)
Rosemary McGlone (Aontú)
Colin McGrath (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Andrew McMurray (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Michael O'Loan (Ulster Unionist Party)
Declan Walsh (Green Party)
Jim Wells (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Hannah Westropp (Conservative and Unionist Party)
South East Cornwall
Martin Corney (Green Party)
Graham Cowdry (Heritage Party)
Anna Gelderd (Labour Party)
Colin Edward Martin (Liberal Democrats)
Sheryll Murray (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Wadley (Reform UK)
South Holland and The Deepings
Rhys Rhobat Baker (Green Party)
Jack Braginton (Liberal Democrats)
John Hayes (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Hilliar (Labour Party)
Mark Edward Le Sage (Independent)
Matt Swainson (Reform UK)
South Leicestershire
Alberto Costa (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Hartshorn (Liberal Democrats)
Mike Jelfs (Green Party)
Robert Parkinson (Labour Party)
Bill Piper (Reform UK)
South Norfolk
Chris Brown (Liberal Democrats)
Paco Davila (Independent)
Ben Goldsborough (Labour Party)
Chris Harrison (Reform UK)
Jason Maguire (Social Democratic Party)
Catherine Joanna Rowett (Green Party)
Poppy Simister-Thomas (Conservative and Unionist Party)
South Northamptonshire
Rufia Ashraf (Labour Party)
Sarah Bool (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul James Hogan (Reform UK)
Ian Alexander McCord (Independent)
Stuart Robert (Independent)
Mick Stott (Workers Party of Britain)
Stewart Tolley (Liberal Democrats)
Emmie Williamson (Green Party)
South Ribble
Katherine Fletcher (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Andrew Foster (Labour Party)
Andy Hunter (Reform UK)
Stephani Karyim Mok (Green Party)
Ange Turner (Liberal Democrats)
South Shields
Jonathan Aibi (Liberal Democrats)
David Francis (Green Party)
Stephen William Holt (Reform UK)
Ahmed Khan (Independent)
Emma Lewell-Buck (Labour Party)
Craig Robinson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
South Shropshire
Stuart Anderson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Matthew Green (Liberal Democrats)
Charles Shackerley-Bennett (Reform UK)
Simon Thomson (Labour Party)
Hilary Wendt (Green Party)
South Suffolk
Tom Bartleet (Liberal Democrats)
Emma Bishton (Labour Party)
Jessie Kate Carter (Green Party)
James Cartlidge (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bev England (Reform UK)
South West Devon
Sarah Allen (Labour Party)
Julian Brazil (Liberal Democrats)
Ben Davy (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Stephen Horner (Reform UK)
Darryl Christian Ingram (Heritage Party)
Lauren McLay (Green Party)
Rebecca Smith (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alan Charles Spencer (Independent)
South West Hertfordshire
Michael McGetrick (Social Democratic Party)
Gagan Mohindra (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bernadette O'Malley (Party Of Women)
Ketankumar Pipaliya (UK Voice)
Narinder Sian (Green Party)
Victor Silkin (Rejoin EU)
Keith Steers (Reform UK)
Alex Sufit (Labour Party)
Sally Symington (Liberal Democrats)
South West Norfolk
Earl Elvis of East Anglia (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
James Bagge (Independent)
Gary Conway (Heritage Party)
Pallavi Devulapalli (Green Party)
Lorraine Douglas (Communist Party of Britain)
Terry Jermy (Labour Party)
Toby McKenzie (Reform UK)
Josie Ratcliffe (Liberal Democrats)
Liz Truss (Conservative and Unionist Party)
South West Wiltshire
Evelyn Akoto (Labour Party)
Thomas Culshaw (Independent)
Garry Irvin (Reform UK)
Andrew Murrison (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bret Palmer (Liberal Democrats)
James Adam Robertson Ernest Ward (Independent)
Fay Whitfield (Green Party)
Southampton Itchen
James Edward Batho (Liberal Democrats)
Declan Peter Clune (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Alexander Conrad Culley (Reform UK)
Neil McKinnon Lyon Kelly (Green Party)
Darren Paffey (Labour Party)
Sidney Yankson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Southampton Test
Katherine Jane Barbour (Green Party)
Ben Burcombe-Filer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Peter Edwards (Reform UK)
Maggie Fricker (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Thomas Gravatt (Liberal Democrats)
Satvir Kaur (Labour Party)
Wajahat Shaukat (Workers Party of Britain)
Southend East and Rochford
Bayo Alaba (Labour Party)
James Joseph Allen (Liberal Democrats)
Lee John Clark (Confelicity)
Simon Cross (Green Party)
Gavin Haran (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Bianca Eleanor Isherwood (Heritage Party)
Leslie Lilley (Reform UK)
Southend West and Leigh
David Edmund Burton-Sampson (Labour Party)
Stephen Cummins (Liberal Democrats)
Tom Darwood (Independent)
Anna Firth (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Robert David John Francis (Independent)
Tilly Hogrebe (Green Party)
Lara Michelle Hurley (Heritage Party)
Peter Robert Little (Reform UK)
James Miller (Confelicity)
Jason Pilley (Psychedelic Movement)
Southgate and Wood Green
Bambos Charalambous (Labour Party)
Lauren Fulbright (Liberal Democrats)
Charith Gunawardena (Green Party)
Geoff Moseley (Workers Party of Britain)
Lucy O'Sullivan (Reform UK)
Eric Sukumaran (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Karl Vidol (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Edwin Gordon Black (Green Party)
Sean Robert Halsall (Independent)
Erin Harvey (Liberal Democrats)
Patrick Brian Hurley (Labour Party)
Andrew Lynn (Reform UK)
Damien Moore (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Harry Boparai (Liberal Democrats)
Lincoln Jopp (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alistair Miller (Social Democratic Party)
Rory O'Brien (Reform UK)
Manu Singh (Green Party)
Claire Tighe (Labour Party)
Spen Valley
Javed Bashir (Independent)
Alison Brelsford (Liberal Democrats)
Laura Evans (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kim Leadbeater (Labour Party)
Martin Price (Green Party)
Sarah Wood (Reform UK)
St Albans
Sophia Adams Bhatti (Labour Party)
Daisy Cooper (Liberal Democrats)
John Leroy Dowdle (Reform UK)
Simon Grover (Green Party)
Dafydd Morriss (Heritage Party)
Stewart Satterly (Social Democratic Party)
James Spencer (Conservative and Unionist Party)
St Austell and Newquay
Stephen Beal (Reform UK)
Steve Double (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Joanna Nora Kenny (Liberal Democrats)
Jay Latham (The Liberal Party)
Noah Law (Labour Party)
Amanda Pennington (Green Party)
Angie Rayner (Independent)
St Helens North
David Baines (Labour Party)
Joe Greenhalgh (English Constitution Party)
Pat Moloney (Liberal Democrats)
Jayne Louise Rear (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Daniel Thomas (Green Party)
Malcolm James Webster (Reform UK)
St Helens South and Whiston
Emma Victoria Ellison (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Raymond Peters (Reform UK)
Terence Stephen Price (Green Party)
Marie Rimmer (Labour Party)
Brian Spencer (Liberal Democrats)
James Tasker (Independent)
St Ives
Filson Ali (Labour Party)
Ian Edward Flindall (Green Party)
Andrew George (Liberal Democrats)
John Richard Harris (The Common People)
Dave Laity (Independent)
Giane Mortimer (Reform UK)
Paul Nicholson (The Liberal Party)
Jason Saunders (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Derek Thomas (Conservative and Unionist Party)
St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire
Anthony Browne (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Stephen Ferguson (Independent)
Kathryn Fisher (Green Party)
Guy Lachlan (Reform UK)
Marianna Masters (Labour Party)
Ian Sollom (Liberal Democrats)
Bev White (Party Of Women)
Peter Emil Andras (Liberal Democrats)
Titus Anything (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Theo Clarke (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Leigh Ingham (Labour Party)
Craig Morton (Heritage Party)
Michael Riley (Reform UK)
Scott Spencer (Green Party)
Staffordshire Moorlands
Karen Bradley (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Graham John Oakes (Liberal Democrats)
Dave Poole (Reform UK)
Helen Stead (Green Party)
Alastair Watson (Labour Party)
Stalybridge and Hyde
Phil Chadwick (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Robert Hodgetts-Haley (Green Party)
Barbara Kaya (Reform UK)
Kamala Kugan (Liberal Democrats)
Ian Justin Owen (Independent)
Jonathan Reynolds (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Audel Shirin (Workers Party of Britain)
Kevin Bonavia (Labour Party)
Alex Clarkson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Dawson (Green Party)
Peter Hopper (Reform UK)
Lisa Nash (Liberal Democrats)
Joshua Smith (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Stirling and Strathallan
Andrew Adam (Scottish Green Party)
Neil Benny (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chris Kane (Labour Party)
Bill McDonald (Reform UK)
Alyn Smith (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Hamish Taylor (Liberal Democrats)
Oliver Johnstone (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ayesha Khan (Workers Party of Britain)
Wendy Meikle (Liberal Democrats)
Helena Julia Mellish (Green Party)
Navendu Mishra (Labour Party)
Lynn Schofield (Reform UK)
Ashley Walker (Stockport Fights Austerity No to Cuts)
Stockton North
Jo Barton (Liberal Democrats)
Samuel Ernest Bradford (Green Party)
Niall Innes (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Gerard McDermottroe (Reform UK)
Chris McDonald (Labour Party)
Stockton West
Nigel Frederick Boddy (Liberal Democrats)
Monty Brack (Independents for Direct Democracy)
Vivek Chhabra (Independent)
Joe Dancey (Labour Party)
Steve Matthews (Reform UK)
Niko Omilana (Independent)
Anna-Maria Toms (Green Party)
Matt Vickers (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mohammed Zaroof (Independent)
Stoke-on-Trent Central
AliRom Alirom (Independent)
Adam William Colclough (Green Party)
Navid Kaleem (Independent)
Chandra Kanneganti (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Laura McCarthy (Liberal Democrats)
Andy Polshaw (Independent)
Luke Stephen Shenton (Reform UK)
Gareth Snell (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Stoke-on-Trent North
Karl Beresford (Reform UK)
Jag Boyapati (Independent)
Jonathan Gullis (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Josh Harris (Green Party)
Lucy Ann Hurds (Liberal Democrats)
David Williams (Labour Party)
Stoke-on-Trent South
Michael Bailey (Reform UK)
Jack Brereton (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Allison Gardner (Labour Party)
Asif Mehmood (Independent)
Carla Parrish (Independent)
Alec Sandiford (Liberal Democrats)
Peggy Wiseman (Green Party)
Stone, Great Wyrley and Penkridge
Danni Braine (Green Party)
Alexander Bramham (Social Democratic Party)
Jacqueline Anne Brown (Labour Party)
Sam Harper-Wallis (Liberal Democrats)
Janice Mackay (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Gavin Williamson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Christopher Ashley Bramall (Liberal Democrats)
Cat Eccles (Labour Party)
Stephen James Price (Green Party)
Mohammed Ramzan (Workers Party of Britain)
Richard Shaw (Reform UK)
Suzanne Webb (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alexandra Braidner (Green Party)
Gareth Burns (Independent)
Garreth Falls (Independent)
Michelle Guy (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Barry Hetherington (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ron McDowell (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
Will Polland (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Noel Sands (Sinn Féin)
Jim Shannon (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Richard Smart (Ulster Unionist Party)
Stratford and Bow
Nizam Ali (Independent)
Kane Blackwell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jeff Evans (Reform UK)
Omar Faruk (Independent)
Steve Hedley (Independent)
Joe Hudson-Small (Green Party)
Halima Khan (Workers Party of Britain)
Uma Kumaran (Labour Party)
Fiona Lali (Independent)
Janey Little (Liberal Democrats)
Seyi Agboola (Labour Party)
Chris Clarkson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
James Phillip Crocker (Reform UK)
Neil O'Neil (New Open Non-Political Organised Leadership)
Manuela Perteghella (Liberal Democrats)
Doug Rouxel (Green Party)
Kevin Taylor (Independent)
Streatham and Croydon North
Scott Ainslie (Green Party)
Claire Bonham (Liberal Democrats)
Anthony Boutall (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Magdaline Nzekwue (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Myles Ronald Owen (Social Democratic Party)
Steve Reed (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Waseem Sherwani (Workers Party of Britain)
Philip Watson (Reform UK)
Stretford and Urmston
Khalila Chaudry (Workers Party of Britain)
Mark Clayton (Liberal Democrats)
Mark Cornes (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Charlotte Patricia Faulkner (Reform UK)
Dan Jerrome (Green Party)
Jim Newell (Rejoin EU)
Andrew Western (Labour Party)
Siobhan Baillie (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jason Philip Hughes (Volt United Kingdom)
George James (Liberal Democrats)
Pete Kennedy (Green Party)
Christopher Lester (Reform UK)
Simon Joseph Opher (Labour Party)
Saskia Whitfield (Independent)
Suffolk Coastal
Thérèse Coffey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Julian Michael Cusack (Green Party)
Julia Ewart (Liberal Democrats)
Matthew Paul Jackson (Reform UK)
Jenny Riddell-Carpenter (Labour Party)
Sunderland Central
Lewis Atkinson (Labour Party)
Chris Eynon (Reform UK)
Rachel Featherstone (Green Party)
Niall Dane Hodson (Liberal Democrats)
Gregory Peacock (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Surrey Heath
Jon Campbell (Green Party)
Sam Goggin (Reform UK)
Jessica Naomi Patsy Hammersley-Rich (Labour Party)
Ed McGuinness (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Al Pinkerton (Liberal Democrats)
Elizabeth de Stanford Wallitt (Heritage Party)
Sussex Weald
Shaun Bowler (Independent)
Stephen Gander (Social Democratic Party)
Nus Ghani (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Austin Henderson (Green Party)
Chris Magness (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
David Morgan (Reform UK)
Danielle Newson (Liberal Democrats)
Dipesh Jitendra Patel (Labour Party)
Dominie Mary Stemp (Heritage Party)
Sutton Coldfield
Ben Auton (Green Party)
Wajad Burkey (Workers Party of Britain)
Mark Hoath (Reform UK)
Andrew Mitchell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rob Pocock (Labour Party)
John Sweeney (Liberal Democrats)
Sutton and Cheam
Aasha Anam (Green Party)
Tom Drummond (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Hamilton Action-Man Kingsley (Independent)
Ryan Powell (Reform UK)
Chrishni Reshekaron (Labour Party)
Luke Taylor (Liberal Democrats)
Swansea West
Torsten Bell (Labour Party)
Patrick Benham-Crosswell (Reform UK)
Gareth Bromhall (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Peter Jones (Green Party)
Michael Ely O'Carroll (Liberal Democrats)
Tara-Jane Sutcliffe (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Gwyn Williams (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Swindon North
Andy Bentley (Green Party)
Flo Clucas (Liberal Democrats)
Debbie Tara Hicks (Independent)
Scott Victor Abbas Hunter (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Will Stone (Labour Party)
Justin Tomlinson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Les Willis (Reform UK)
Swindon South
Heidi Alexander (Labour Party)
Robert Buckland (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Martin Costello (Independent)
Rod Hebden (Green Party)
Catherine Kosidowski (Reform UK)
Matt McCabe (Liberal Democrats)
Robert Bilcliff (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Ian Stuart Cooper (Reform UK)
Sarah Edwards (Labour Party)
Adam James Goodfellow (Workers Party of Britain)
Sue Howarth (Green Party)
Eddie Hughes (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jed Marson (Liberal Democrats)
Nigel Hennerley (Green Party)
Ryan Jude (Labour Party)
Esther McVey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Jonathan Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Oliver George Speakman (Reform UK)
Taunton and Wellington
Gideon Amos (Liberal Democrats)
Charles Hansard (Reform UK)
Rebecca Pow (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rochelle Russell (Communist Party of Britain)
Ryan Trower (Green Party)
Brenda Dawn Weston (Labour Party)
Alan Adams (Reform UK)
John Adams (Green Party)
Hannah Campbell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Shaun Davies (Labour Party)
Jo McKenna (Liberal Democrats)
Damola Animashaun (Labour Party)
Cate Cody (Green Party)
Byron Clifford Davis (Reform UK)
David Edgar (Christian Peoples Alliance)
Laurence Robertson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Cameron Thomas (Liberal Democrats)
The Wrekin
Richard Leppington (Reform UK)
Anthony Lowe (Liberal Democrats)
Pat McCarthy (Green Party)
Mark Pritchard (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Christopher Shipley (Independent)
Roh Yakobi (Labour Party)
Thirsk and Malton
Lisa Banes (Labour Party)
Luke Martin John Brownlee (Yorkshire Party)
Kevin Hollinrake (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Mason (Liberal Democrats)
Richard George McLane (Green Party)
Mark Robinson (Reform UK)
Thornbury and Yate
Andy Banwell (Reform UK)
Luke Hall (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alexandra Jenner-Fust (Green Party)
Rob Logan (Labour Party)
Claire Young (Liberal Democrats)
Michael Bukola (Liberal Democrats)
Jennifer Craft (Labour Party)
Jackie Doyle-Price (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Yousaff Khan (Workers Party of Britain)
Eugene McCarthy (Green Party)
Sophie Almina Preston-Hall (Reform UK)
Dr Nimal Raj (Independent)
Tipton and Wednesbury
Shaun Bailey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Antonia Bance (Labour Party)
Abdul Husen (Independent)
Mohammed Yaseen Hussain-Billa (Independent)
Mark Redding (Green Party)
Mark Rochell (Liberal Democrats)
Jack Sabharwal (Reform UK)
Tiverton and Minehead
Jonathan Reece Barter (Labour Party)
Laura Buchanan (Green Party)
Rachel Gilmour (Liberal Democrats)
Frederick Keen (Reform UK)
Ian Liddell-Grainger (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lewis William John Bailey (Labour Party)
Anna Victoria Cope (Green Party)
Ian Grattidge (Social Democratic Party)
Teresa Hansford (Reform UK)
Tim Shaw (Independent Alliance (Kent))
Tom Tugendhat (Conservative and Unionist Party)
John Woollcombe (Liberal Democrats)
Jas Alduk (Rejoin EU)
Rosena Allin-Khan (Labour Party)
Ethan Kane Foster Brooks (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nick Humberstone (Green Party)
Tarik Ul Raza Hussain (Workers Party of Britain)
Davinder Singh Jamus (Independent)
Andrew Price (Reform UK)
Judith Trounson (Liberal Democrats)
Steve Darling (Liberal Democrats)
Kevin Foster (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Andrew Moor (Workers Party of Britain)
Gordon Scott (Reform UK)
Charlie West (Green Party)
Chris Wongsosaputro (Labour Party)
Nikki Brooke (Heritage Party)
Philip Davies (Green Party)
Lee Dunning (Independent)
Nathan John Edmunds (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Matthew Jones (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Brendan Roberts (Liberal Democrats)
Nick Thomas-Symonds (Labour Party)
Ian Michael Williams (Reform UK)
Torridge and Tavistock
Geoffrey Cox (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Phil Hutty (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Jackson (Reform UK)
Judy Maciejowska (Green Party)
Alan Edward Rayner (Independent)
Isabel Angela Saxby (Labour Party)
Amelia Allao (Christian Peoples Alliance)
David Craig (Green Party)
Roger Gravett (Reform UK)
Pamela Holmes (Communist League Election Campaign)
Nandita Lal (Independent)
David Lammy (Labour Party)
Andrew Miles (Rejoin EU)
Jennifer Obaseki (Workers Party of Britain)
Hari Prabu (Liberal Democrats)
Attic Rahman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Truro and Falmouth
Karen La Borde (Green Party)
Ruth Gripper (Liberal Democrats)
Jayne Kirkham (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Peter Lawrence (Independent)
Cherilyn Mackrory (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Steve Rubidge (Reform UK)
Peter White (The Liberal Party)
Tunbridge Wells
John Gager (Reform UK)
John Anthony Hurst (Green Party)
Hassan Kassem (Independent)
Neil Mahapatra (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mike Martin (Liberal Democrats)
Hugo Giles Pound (Labour Party)
Tom Bruce (Labour Party)
Jonathan Hulley (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Chantal Lyn Kerr-Sheppard (Green Party)
Umair Malik (Workers Party of Britain)
Alexander Starling (Reform UK)
Munira Wilson (Liberal Democrats)
John Appleby (Liberal Democrats)
Lewis Bartoli (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Alan Campbell (Labour Party)
Kelly Jane Oliver Dougall (Party Of Women)
Rosie Elliott (Reform UK)
Christopher Greener (Independent)
Mustaque Rahman (Independent)
Chloe-Louise Reilly (Green Party)
Adam Thewlis (Heritage Party)
Upper Bann
Kate Evans (Ulster Unionist Party)
Carla Lockhart (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Catherine Nelson (Sinn Féin)
Malachy Quinn (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Eóin Tennyson (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Uxbridge and South Ruislip
Danny Boy Beales (Labour Party)
Geoff Courtenay (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Steve Gardner (Social Democratic Party)
Sarah Charmian Green (Green Party)
Gary Lee Harbord (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Ian Rex-Hawkes (Liberal Democrats)
Steve Tuckwell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tim Wheeler (Reform UK)
Vale of Glamorgan
Alun Cairns (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Stuart Field (Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party)
Ian Johnson (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Lynden Mack (Green Party)
Kanishka Narayan (Labour Party)
Steven Rajam (Liberal Democrats)
Toby Rhodes-Matthews (Reform UK)
Steven Sluman (Independent)
Vauxhall and Camberwell Green
Catherine Alice Dawkins (Green Party)
Florence Eshalomi (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Chris French (Liberal Democrats)
Aarti Joshi (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Mike King (Reform UK)
Andrew McRobbie (Social Democratic Party)
Wakefield and Rothwell
Arnie Craven (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David Alan Dews (Reform UK)
Stewart Golton (Liberal Democrats)
Brent Hawksley (Yorkshire Party)
Simon Lightwood (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Keith Mason (Workers Party of Britain)
Ash Routh (Green Party)
Nicholas Sanders (Social Democratic Party)
Philip Anthony Bimpson (Workers Party of Britain)
David Burgess-Joyce (Reform UK)
Vicky Downie (Liberal Democrats)
Angela Eagle (Labour Party)
Robbie Lammas (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ian Pugh (Freedom Alliance)
Jane Elizabeth Turner (Green Party)
Walsall and Bloxwich
Sadat Hussain (Green Party)
Shannon Lloyd (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Aftab Nawaz (Independent)
Patrick Thomas Stillman (Liberal Democrats)
Valerie Vaz (Labour Party)
Elaine Ruth Williams (Reform UK)
Imran Arshad (Workers Party of Britain)
Mohammed Ashfaq (Independent)
Stella Creasy (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Dan Edelstyn (Independent)
Sanjana Madan Mohan Karnani (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Martin Lonergan (Reform UK)
Ruth Theresa Rawlins (Independent)
Rosalinda Ayo Rowlands (Green Party)
Nancy Taaffe (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Rebecca Taylor (Liberal Democrats)
Warrington North
Yasmin Al-Atroshi (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David Crowther (Liberal Democrats)
Trevor Nicholls (Reform UK)
Charlotte Nichols (Labour Party)
Hannah Spencer (Green Party)
Maddison Wheeldon (Independent)
Warrington South
Janet Barbara Balfe (Reform UK)
Andy Carter (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Stephanie Davies (Green Party)
Graham Gowland (Liberal Democrats)
Sarah Hall (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Graeme Kelly (Social Democratic Party)
Edward Peter Willett (Independent)
Warwick and Leamington
Louis William McMaster Adam (Liberal Democrats)
Nigel Philip Clarke (Reform UK)
Laurie James Steele (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
James Uffindell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Matt Western (Labour Party)
Hema YellaPragada (Green Party)
Washington and Gateshead South
Michal Chantkowski (Green Party)
Paul Donaghy (Reform UK)
Sharon Hodgson (Labour Party)
Sharon Louise McLafferty (Independent)
Ciaran Joseph Morrissey (Liberal Democrats)
Shaun Parsons (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Khalid Mahmood Chohan (Workers Party of Britain)
Arran Bowen-la Grange (Green Party)
Sarah Jane Knott (Heritage Party)
Gary James Ling (Reform UK)
Dean Russell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ian Alexander Eric Stotesbury (Liberal Democrats)
Matt Turmaine (Labour Party)
Waveney Valley
Scott Huggins (Reform UK)
Gurpreet Padda (Labour Party)
Adrian Ramsay (Green Party)
Richard Rout (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Maya Severyn (Social Democratic Party)
John Richard Shreeve (Liberal Democrats)
Weald of Kent
John Howson (Liberal Democrats)
Daniel Kersten (Reform UK)
Katie Jane Lotte Lam (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lenny Rolles (Labour Party)
Kate Walder (Green Party)
Wellingborough and Rushden
Jeremy Brittin (Social Democratic Party)
David Goss (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ben Habib (Reform UK)
Gen Kitchen (Labour Party)
Paul Mannion (Green Party)
Christopher Townsend (Liberal Democrats)
Wells and Mendip Hills
Craig Clarke (Independent)
Helen Hims (Reform UK)
Joe Joseph (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Abi McGuire (Independent)
Tessa Munt (Liberal Democrats)
Meg Powell-Chandler (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Peter Alexander Welsh (Green Party)
Welwyn Hatfield
Jack Oliver Aaron (Reform UK)
Sarah Butcher (Green Party)
Andrew Lewin (Labour Party)
John Munro (Liberal Democrats)
Grant Shapps (Conservative and Unionist Party)
West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine
Kate Blake (Labour Party)
Andrew Campbell Bowie (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Brandon Innes (Reform UK)
Iris Alexandra Leask (Independent)
William Stanley Raymond Linegar (Scottish Green Party)
David Allen Neill (Independent)
Glen David Reynolds (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Michael John Turvey (Liberal Democrats)
West Bromwich
Sarah Coombes (Labour Party)
Parmjit Singh Gill (Liberal Democrats)
Will Goodhand (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Sam Harding (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Gita Joshi (Green Party)
Ray Nock (Reform UK)
Mohammed Yasin (Independent)
West Dorset
Oliver Marshall Amede Chisholm (Independent)
Kelvin Clayton (Green Party)
Chris Loder (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Donna Lumsden (Labour Party)
Edward Morello (Liberal Democrats)
Marcus Daniel Terence White (Independent)
West Dunbartonshire
Paula Baker (Scottish Green Party)
Maurice Corry (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Martin Docherty-Hughes (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Paul Donald Kennedy (Liberal Democrats)
Douglas McAllister (Labour Party)
Andrew Joseph Muir (Scottish Family Party)
David Smith (Reform UK)
Kelly Wilson (Sovereignty)
West Ham and Beckton
James Edward Asser (Labour Party)
Lois Austin (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Emily Bigland (Liberal Democrats)
Rob Callender (Green Party)
Georgie David (Reform UK)
Sophia Naqvi (Newham Independents Party)
Holly Alice Ramsey (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kayode Shedowo (Christian Peoples Alliance)
West Lancashire
Ashley Dalton (Labour Party)
Simon Evans (Reform UK)
Charlotte Houltram (Green Party)
Mike Prendergast (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Graham Smith (Liberal Democrats)
West Suffolk
Henry Batchelor (Liberal Democrats)
David Bull (Reform UK)
Rebecca Denness (Labour Party)
Mark Ereira (Green Party)
Ivan Kinsman (Social Democratic Party)
Luke Thomas O'Brien (Independent)
Katie Parker (Independent)
Nick Timothy (Conservative and Unionist Party)
West Tyrone
Órfhlaith Begley (Sinn Féin)
Matthew Bell (Ulster Unionist Party)
Thomas Buchanan (Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P.)
Stephen Donnelly (Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Leza Houston (Aontú)
Stephen Gerard Lynch (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Daniel McCrossan (SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party))
Stevan Patterson (Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV)
West Worcestershire
Harriett Baldwin (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Seonaid Dawn Barber (Party Of Women)
Dan Boatright-Greene (Liberal Democrats)
Christopher Hugh Edmondson (Reform UK)
Kashif Haroon (Labour Party)
Natalie McVey (Green Party)
Westmorland and Lonsdale
Phil Clayton (Green Party)
Tim Farron (Liberal Democrats)
Matty Jackman (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Wendy Long (Social Democratic Party)
Pippa Smith (Labour Party)
Izzy Solabarrieta (Heritage Party)
John Studholme (Independent)
James Townley (Reform UK)
Dan Aldridge (Labour Party)
Thomas Joseph Harrison Daw (Green Party)
Patrick Keating (Liberal Democrats)
Richard Andrew Pearse (Reform UK)
John Penrose (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Wetherby and Easingwold
John Philip Hall (Yorkshire Party)
Mike Jordan (Reform UK)
James Monaghan (Liberal Democrats)
Ben Pickles (Labour Party)
Alec Shelbrooke (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Arnold Warneken (Green Party)
Whitehaven and Workington
Andrew Paul Johnson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Josh MacAlister (Labour Party)
Jill Perry (Green Party)
David Surtees (Reform UK)
Chris Wills (Liberal Democrats)
Widnes and Halewood
David Coveney (Liberal Democrats)
Jake Fraser (Reform UK)
Sean Houlston (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nancy Lola Mills (Green Party)
Michael Murphy (Workers Party of Britain)
Derek Twigg (Labour Party)
Brian Craig Duff Crombie-Fisher (Liberal Democrats)
Jan Cunliffe (Independent)
Andy Dawber (Reform UK)
Jane Leicester (Green Party)
Henry James Mitson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lisa Nandy (Labour Party)
Maureen O'Bern (Independent)
The Zok (Independent)
Sarah Barber (Independent)
Rachel Brooks (Green Party)
Ben Cronin (Reform UK)
Danielle Dunfield-Prayero (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Paul Christopher Kohler (Liberal Democrats)
Amy Lynch (Independent)
Aaron Mafi (Workers Party of Britain)
Eleanor Lesley Stringer (Labour Party)
Michael Gerard Watson (Heritage Party)
Chris Barfoot (Independent)
Danny Chambers (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Davis (Social Democratic Party)
Hannah Louise Dawson (Labour Party)
Kevin D'Cruze (Independent)
Flick Drummond (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Lorraine Estelle (Green Party)
Andy Liming (Hampshire Independents)
Sean Whelan (Reform UK)
Michael Edward Boyle (Green Party)
David Buckley (Independent)
Simran Kaur Dhillon (Workers Party of Britain)
Harl Grewal (Reform UK)
Pavitar Kaur Mann (Labour Party)
Jack Rankin (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Julian Tisi (Liberal Democrats)
Wirral West
Ken Ferguson (Reform UK)
Gail Jenkinson (Green Party)
Jenny Johnson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Matthew Patrick (Labour Party)
Peter Timothy Clifford Reisdorf (Liberal Democrats)
James Abbott (Green Party)
Tim Blaxill (Reform UK)
Rumi Chowdhury (Labour Party)
Chelsey Jay (Independent)
Priti Patel (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Ashley Thompson (Liberal Democrats)
Robert Courts (Conservative and Unionist Party)
David Roy Cox (Heritage Party)
Barry Paul Ingleton (Independent)
Richard Andrew Langridge (Reform UK)
Charlie Maynard (Liberal Democrats)
Andrew Peter Prosser (Green Party)
Antonio Weiss (Labour Party)
Nataly Suzana Anderson (Green Party)
Richard Barker (Reform UK)
Ese Erheriene (Labour Party)
Will Forster (Liberal Democrats)
Jonathan Lord (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tim Read (Heritage Party)
Merv Boniface (Green Party)
Lucy Demery (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Monica Hamidi (Labour Party)
Clive Jones (Liberal Democrats)
Colin Wright (Reform UK)
Wolverhampton North East
Sureena Brackenridge (Labour Party)
Jane Stevenson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Kwaku Tano-Yeboah (Green Party)
Peter Thornton (Liberal Democrats)
Paul Williams (Reform UK)
Wolverhampton South East
Paul Anthony Darke (Green Party)
Carl Hardwick (Reform UK)
Pat McFadden (Labour Party)
Bart Ricketts (Liberal Democrats)
Athar Ahmad Warraich (Workers Party of Britain)
Victoria Helena Wilson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Wolverhampton West
Donald Brookes (Reform UK)
Andrea Cantrill (Green Party)
Vikas Chopra (Workers Party of Britain)
Celia Hibbert (Independent Network)
Phillip Howells (Liberal Democrats)
Warinder Juss (Labour Party)
Mike Newton (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Zahid Shah (Independent)
Mel Allcott (Liberal Democrats)
Marc Bayliss (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Tom Collins (Labour Party)
Mark Patrick Davies (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Duncan Murray (Social Democratic Party)
Andy Peplow (Reform UK)
Tor Pingree (Green Party)
Worsley and Eccles
Nasri Barghouti (Workers Party of Britain)
Craig Thomas Birtwistle (Reform UK)
Sally Griffiths (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
David Jones (Green Party)
Bradley Curtis Mitchell (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Danny Moloney (Independent)
Jemma De Vincenzo (Liberal Democrats)
Michael Wheeler (Labour Party)
Worthing West
Kathryn Alexandra Attwood (Independent)
Peter Bottomley (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Morag Chugg (Liberal Democrats)
Beccy Cooper (Labour Party)
Sonya Lynne Mallin (Green Party)
Edmund John Rooke (Reform UK)
Paul Ashton (Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party)
Sarah Atherton (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Charles Dodman (Reform UK)
Becca Martin (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Tim Morgan (Green Party)
Andrew Steven Ranger (Labour Party)
Tim Sly (Liberal Democrats)
Khalil Ahmed (Workers Party of Britain)
Steve Baker (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Toni Brodelle (Liberal Democrats)
Catherine Bunting (Green Party)
Ed Gemmell (Climate Party)
Richard Phoenix (Reform UK)
Ajaz Rehman (Independent)
Emma Reynolds (Labour Party)
Mark Smallwood (Independent)
Wyre Forest
John Davis (Green Party)
Mark Garnier (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Nigel Alastair Geary (Independent)
Bill Hopkins (Reform UK)
Shazu Miah (Liberal Democrats)
Vicki Smith (Labour Party)
Leigh Whitehouse (Independent)
Wythenshawe and Sale East
John Barstow (Workers Party of Britain)
Sarah Beament (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Melanie Earp (Green Party)
Julie Fousert (Reform UK)
Mike Kane (Labour Party)
Simon Edward Lepori (Liberal Democrats)
Hilary Salt (Social Democratic Party)
Steve Ashton (Independent)
Laura Bailhache (Reform UK)
Adam Dance (Liberal Democrats)
Marcus Fysh (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Rebecca Montacute (Labour Party)
Serena Angela Wootton (Green Party)
Ynys Môn
Virginia Crosbie (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Leena Sarah Farhat (Liberal Democrats)
Emmett Jenner (Reform UK)
Llinos Medi (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Martin Schwaller (Green Party)
Sir Grumpus L Shorticus (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)
Ieuan Môn Williams (Labour Party)
Sam Andrew Wood (Libertarian Party)
York Central
Cliff Bond (Reform UK)
Richard William Hudson (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Roger James (Independent)
Ruairi Kendall (Independent)
Lars Kramm (Green Party)
Alasdair Lord (Independent)
Rachael Maskell (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Leo Otis Mayne (Independent)
Alan Page (Liberal Democrats)
York Outer
Darren Borrows (Independent)
Luke Charters (Labour Party)
John Edward Crispin-Bailey (Reform UK)
David James Eadington (Yorkshire Party)
Keith Andrew Hayden (Independent)
Andrew Hollyer (Liberal Democrats)
Michael Robin Kearney (Green Party)
Hal Aenas Mayne (Independent)
Julian Sturdy (Conservative and Unionist Party)
Data: Candidates 2024 (Democracy Club). / Hex layout: 2023 constituencies (Open Innovations and contributors)

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